Azure Food Buying Club

Quimper Grange Azure Food Buying Club

Quimper Grange encourages both members and non-members to join the local Azure Standard food buying club of Dufur, Oregon This club is available at no additional cost for anyone living in the Port Townsend area.

Azure Standard carries a wide range of products including bulk foods, dry goods and garden supplies. Their prices are consistently as good or better than what can be obtained in our region. All the payment issues are handled by Azure directly: members of the buying club pay Azure for their purchases and their orders are delivered for pick-up by the coordinator once a month at the information center facility located at intersection of Hwy 19 and Hwy 104. In order to obtain shipment at no additional cost at these prices, the local order must total $550 and each order within it must be a minimum of $50. Unless the collective order totals $550 there
will be no delivery that month.

To explore the range of products, visit If after you explore, you wish to become a member, please contact David Goldman at 360-301-6406. He can provide you with essential details.