Tony Mates and the Rose Street Ramblers at the Grange on January 7

The First Saturday Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social offers rockin' hot tunes from the Rose Street Ramblers and lively calling by Tony Mates.  Tony will call squares and related sets for dancers of all ages and abilities on January 7. This is Tony's second visit to the Grange in the past year - calling for the Onlies last April.   Tony has been involved in the Pacific Northwest old time music and dance scene for many, many years and is a revered Seattle-based dance caller.  The January dance experience will likely include a compelling variety of dances.  The Rose Street Ramblers will be kickin' up dance energy with southern dance tunes.

If you haven't participated in a community square dance at the Grange, consider dropping in (Grange members free) to dance or just listen to the music. Dancing begins at 7:30; admission for adults is $6.00, youth $3.00.  1219 Corona St. in Port Townsend. Work trades available!