Tuesday, December 29, 2020

January 2021

  Greetings All! Here's to a much better 2021!

  Our Food Bank Garden is happily producing food even now thanks to our hoop houses and wonderful volunteers. Thank you!!! 

  The electrical work for the new ventilation system has been signed off, and the equipment has been ordered and arriving. Hopefully all the pieces will be here soon for the installation to begin.

  Thank you for the donations that have been coming in - they really help! If you wish to help as well, please mail checks/money orders to Quimper Grange 1219 Corona St PT WA 98368. We have a locking mailbox, so it is secure.

  May you all stay safe and healthy. Here's to gathering again when it is safe to do so! 

 Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President

Monday, November 30, 2020

December 2020

  Winter's Greetings! The new hoop house is in, thanks to all the wonderful volunteers.

  The status on the new ventilation system is the attic access has been put in and the electrical wiring has been installed. Next up is to order and put in the system and build the return box. We had really hoped to have small gatherings by the end of the month, but that's not happening for a while. 

  We appreciate any donations to help us keep going. Please mail checks/money orders to Quimper Grange 1219 Corona St PT WA 98368.

  Here's to avoiding the next surges, and may you all stay safe and healthy! 

 Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

November 2020 Quimper Grange

 It's Autumn/Fall, and edging into Winter, time for putting gardens to bed and planting winter crops.  usually a time of harvest and gathering...  At least we can harvest!

Great news: we applied to and have received a generous grant from the Jefferson Community Foundation!  They have covered our estimated cost for the new ventilation system!  Phil and Doug are working on attic access in anticipation of installation.

The new extended coverage for our Food Bank garden work area provides shelter for our wonderful volunteers to safely process the harvest.

There will be two work parties for both the Garden and Grange landscaping on Sat. Nov 7th and Sat. Nov. 14th, 9:00-#;00.  Please contact Barbara Tusting (barbaratusting97@gmail.com   360 531 1595) to volunteer.  Barbara will be overseeing the work parties to ensure safe distancing and masking.

Can anyone provide treats for the work parties?  They would be most welcome.  Let Barbara know (see above).

We appreciate any donations to help us keep going.  Please mail checks/money orders to Quimper Grange  1219 Corona St  PT WA 98368.

Stay safe and hope to see you all in the future!

Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President

Friday, October 16, 2020


 October 2020

Happy Fall All!

This missive is later than usual because we had important decisions at our monthly meeting and I wanted to share afterwards.

Through the research and hard work of Phil Burwell we now have a ventilation system designed with parts listed and costed out, and steps to take to meet State Guidelines! It will feature quiet Merv-13 filter fans, automated bathroom fans and lights, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers at the doors, signage, and updated cleaning protocols.  Once all is done our hall can open at 30% capacity, allowing groups of up to 45 plus the hosts.

This means that we may be able open before the end of the year!!!

All of this will cost around $5000.  We have applied for a grant, but any donations will be most welcome and will go to operating expenses for amounts above the cost of the new system. Checks can be mailed to Quimper Grange  1219 Corona St  Port Townsend  WA 98368. We have a locking mailbox on the property.

A new extension of the covered work area out back for processing the food from our Food Bank Garden is underway and the garden itself has been producing like crazy with the help of you much-appreciated volunteers.  More are always welcome!  Another upcoming project is a new hoop house.

Contact joyount@olypen.com to volunteer for either/both of these.  Jo can also use your kitchen scraps if you do not compost at home.

Thank goodness for the ability to meet online.  But I can hardly wait to meet in person again!

Take care, wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep active!  And as a friend says, practice safe six :)

Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President

Monday, August 31, 2020

 September 2020

Greetings All,

Hope this sort-of summer has been treating you well.

At the Grange it has been very quiet, but we are still making things happen! Our Safety Committee is about to install hand sanitizer dispensers, writing up cleaning protocols, and researching ventilation options. We hope to be ready when people can finally get together again!

The Grange costs about $40 a day to keep running. We have no income these days, so those expenses plus the expenses for the hopefully soon addition of required ventilation are looming. We have been able to build up our savings over the last couple years, but things will be tight until we can open up again. Any donations will be gratefully accepted! We are a 501c(8) organization. We have a locking mailbox, so your checks will be safe.

In August the Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden donated just over 540 pounds to the Jefferson Food Bank! Look for the Virtual Farm Tour and see some photos of our and other gardens September 19 and 20 at www.getonthefarm.org The Garden needs some improvements as well: expand the roof line to shelter workers from sun and rain, and build some indoor and outdoor cabinets for more efficient food production and protection of equipment and supplies. The Food Bank volunteers are looking into grant and other funding options to help keep the Garden going, and donations for these projects are most welcome as well!

Food Bank Garden help needed: Volunteers for seeding,weeding, and harvesting, and work parties for spreading heavy mulch. This fall - erecting a third hoop house! COVID protocols are in place. Contact
foodbankfarmandgardensjc@gmail.com to volunteer.

Stay well, and hope to see you all playing, dancing, singing, and painting again!

Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President

Friday, July 31, 2020

August 2020

Hope you are all well and ok! In these new times it's been great to see people out in their yards and gardens, all the house projects, walking, kayaking and helping neighbors. We are so lucky to be in a relatively safe and very beautiful place!

I miss the concerts, classes, dances, and jam sessions at the Grange, but at least we have a few things going on here!

We have a new swale barrier courtesy of George Yount and Doug Groenig, with holes drilled by Chet Boutilier.

Barbara Tusting has been keeping the weeds at bay.

Volunteers are most welcome! Just let us know via  quimpergrange@gmail.com

Our Food Bank Garden produced 218 pounds that went to the PT Food Bank, with 116 hours of volunteer work.

And finally our Safety Committee is working on procedures and researching ventilation for when we do reopen!

'Til we meet in person again,
Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President

Thursday, June 4, 2020

June 2020

Hello All,

How did it get to be June so fast!

All events cancelled, however our Food Bank Garden is in full swing!  Please contact  Rachel Smith rdsmith491@gmail.com   if you would like to help! (bring your own tools, masks, gloves, ...)

The Grange could also use some help maintaining the grounds (weeding, mowing). Write to quimpergrange@gmail.com if interested.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

May 2020 Quimper Grange

Hello All,

Same as last month - stay (mostly) home, stay safe!

However, our Food Bank Garden is in full swing!  Please contact  Rachel Smith rdsmith491@gmail.com   if you would like to help! (bring your own tools, masks, gloves, ...)

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April 2020 No Events

Hello All,

The Quimper Grange Hall will continue to be closed until the authorities declare it is safe to congregate again.

In the meantime walk, talk to friends (with distance or on phones, social media, email), garden, dance in your kitchen, learn a new skill, ...  Take care of yourself and others.  Wash your hands!  Wear a mask (bandanas work just fine).

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President

Saturday, February 29, 2020

March 2020 Quimper Grange Events

Last night, Governor Inslee announced that there will be a statewide ban on all bars, restaurants and recreational facilities. 

Accordingly, we've decided to make the hard decision to close down all Quimper Grange events; both those sponsored by us and those sponsored by others in order to keep this pandemic at bay here in our community.

There will likely be more updates to our operations as things continue to unfold. Rest assured that we will keep you informed as changes occur. Check www.quimpergrange.com for updates!

Thank you again for your forbearance and ongoing support. 

Stay well,

The Quimper Grange Board

3/13 - we are cancelling all Grange events for the rest of March.  This does not include rentals/rental classes. Please talk to them directly.

Stay safe everyone!  Wash hands, read books!

As of 3/7 we will be cancelling Balkan Dance Party, the Contra dance, and the Todalo Shakers concert (hope to reschedule in October).  Our jam sessions are small and no immediate contact, so will have them unless things change.  We will have the Instrument sale on April 4th Noon - 2. We are waiting 2 weeks before deciding about the Balfolk dance.  Make sure to wash your hands, and do stay home if you are not feeling well. Stay safe!

Hello all!
In addition to our Instrument Sale on March 14th, we are ramping up for celebrating our 100th in April.  Save the date for our open House April 25th 1-4pm.
Side note - the Plant and Seed exchange is changing venue - they have their own place now.  Check bareboards for March 22nd for details.

Feb 29th 7pm Canote Brothers Concert!  

March 2020 Events

3/6  CANCELLED 7pm iPod Shuffle Community Dance
 Jack Dwyer, Jonathon Doyle, David Conklin and Tomoki Sage
All are welcome. Free, donations accepted. PLEASE, No Scents!

3/8 1pm Old Time Jam
Bring a snack to share if you wish. $3-$5.

3/13 7pm Balkan Dance Party
Dances taught. Bring a snack to share if you wish. $5-$20.

3/14 Noon-2 Instrument Sale. Come sell or buy instruments or other musical items.  Instrument makers welcome too!  Free admission to the event. Seller tables 6' $20, 3' $10, no other fees.  Set up starts at 11:30.  Questions? Write to sheila quimpergrange@gmail.com

3/14 7:30pm Contra Dance


 The Possum Carvers will keep your feet moving! Jeanie Murphy on banjo, Scott Marckx on fiddle, Chris Cooper on guitar, with Marlin Prowell calling. 
There's a free half-hour lesson at 7:30 so come early if you are new or would just like a refresher. All dances taught. $6.

3/15 1pm-3pm Song Circle and Jam
Bring 10 copies of words (with chords if possible) to share. Snacks welcome as well. $3-$5.

3/15 3:30pm Folk Dance Music Jam
Bring your music stand! $3-$5.

3/26 7pm The Todalo Shakers

The Todalo Shakers (Eric & Suzy Thompson, Matt Weiner, WB Reid, Frannie Leopold) specialize in vintage jug band party, blues, rags and stomps which sound like they are lifted right out of 1928 in Memphis, Tennessee. Complex and soulful vocal arrangements create rich and funky harmonies.

Co-sponsor KPTZ 91.9  
Doors open at 6:30pm. Sliding scale $15-$25.

3/27 7pm Balfolk International Dancing
This month first set is Italian music by The Nines, dances taught by Diane Thompson, Linda Natali, and Lisa Flores. After that polkas, schottishes, bourees, waltzes, zwiefacher, troikas, and more, all to live music! Dances taught. $5-$20