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February 2019, Quimper Grange News: Joe Newberry Concert, Old Time Jam, Square Dance, Genticorum Concert, Contra Dance, Traditional Music Jam, Plant and Seed Exchange, Heads Up

Feb 3rd (Sunday) 3pm Joe Newberry 
Quimper Grange House Concert
Banjo - Guitar - Song

Known around the world for his exquisite clawhammer banjo playing, Joe Newberry is also a powerful guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Joe has been a long-time guest on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion. He has also taught at many music camps and festivals including Ashokan, Midwest Banjo Camp, American Banjo Camp, the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Targhee Music Camp, the Swannanoa Gathering, Centrum Voice Works, the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Pinewoods Camp, Vocal Week, Bluegrass Week, and Old-Time Week at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, WV, the Australia National Folk Festival, the Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week, and the Bluff Country Gathering. For many years Joe was the coordinator of Old-Time Week at the Augusta Heritage Center.

The Gibson Brothers’ version of his song “Singing As We Rise,” featuring guest vocalist Ricky Skaggs, won the 2012 IBMA “Gospel Recorded Performance” Award. With Eric Gibson, he shared the 2013 IBMA “Song of the Year” Award for “They Called It Music.”

Come and enjoy this wonderful musician!
Doors open at 2:30 Suggested donation $15–$25

Concertgoers are invited to stay afterward and jam with Joe
publicity Sheila Long

Feb 6, 7:00 Old Time Jam
Led by Scott Marckx accompanied by Chris Cooper

This month Scott Marckx will mostly play tunes of his mentor Carthy Sisco who passed away this past yearScott was one of Carthy's "Sisco Kids" from whence Scott learned a good chunk of his repertoir.  The first tune, the one that will be taught, is "Freda" composed by Kenny Baker but as played by Carthy Sisco is a different animal. Scott loves playing in the key of C so there will be a couple of C tunes then tunes in G and A. 
Here is a video of Scott as a teenager playing with Carthy as a "Sisco Kid":
Doors open at 6:45
Cookies or snacks appreciated. Suggested donation $1 or $2 helps pay for hall use.
Organized by Marla Streator

Feb 9,  8:00 Square Dance 

Dave Thielk calling  with music by Rattlesnail!  Plan on a rockin' good dance!

Rattlesnail (Kate Lichtenstein and Morgan John) are coming across the Salish Sea along with Port Townsend's Jere Canote to play for the February 9 (8 PM) Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social.  Kate and Morgan play individually with a number of Seattle based bands, including The Barn Owls, $4 Shoe and Atlas String Band. Dave Thielk lives right here in Port Townsend, but has called dances all the way from Juneau, Alaska to Westby, Wisconsin, and some places in between. Dave calls a wonderful mixture of active squares, reels, circle sets and mixers.

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $5 if you arrive on bike or foot or bring a non disposable water bottle; $7 for car drivers; 16 and under is free. Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe. Come at 7 and jam with the band. For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.
organized by Dave Thielk

February 10, 7:00 Genticorum in Concert!
High-energy Quebecois fiddle, flute, foot percussion and song

Genticorum: Pascal Gemme, Nicholas Williams, Yann Falquette                     photo credit: Louise Bichan
Over the past 18 years the traditional Quebec group  has become a fixture on the international world, trad, folk and Celtic music circuit. The band’s six albums met with critical acclaim in Canada, the United States and Europe, assuring the band a brilliant future.

Known for its energy and its stage presence, Genticorum has given more than 1,000 concerts in more than 15 countries including locally at Centrum’s Fiddle Tunes Festival.

Firmly rooted in the soil of their native land, this energetic traditional ‘power trio’ also incorporates the dynamism of today’s North American and European folk cultures in their music. They weave precise and intricate fiddle, flute and accordion work, gorgeous vocal harmonies, energetic foot percussion and guitar accompaniment into a big and jubilant musical feast. Their distinctive sound, sense of humor and stage presence makes them a supreme crowd pleaser. Suggested Donation $15-25 Doors open at 6:30

For more about Genticorum:
publicity, Marla Streator

Feb 16 (Sat) 7:30 to 10:30 Contra Dance

Kristin and Otto
Dance to musicians Kristin Smith (fiddle),  Otto Smith (concertina),  Lori Bernstein (bass), and friends!
 Marlin Prowell calling

Veteran caller Marlin Prowell from Bellingham will call the dance.

Come early for the 1/2 hour free lesson at 7:30
Admission $6
16 and under free
1219 Corona
Port Townsend, Wa
questions? call Tinker (360) 379 2882
There is a new Facebook page called "Port Townsend Contra" created by Michael Everitt. check it out and "like" it.

Feb 24th (Sunday) 1pm-3:30 pm Traditional Music Jam
We are trying a new type of jam here at Quimper Grange!
  • Tunes/songs must be traditional (Old Time, Bluegrass, Cajun, Irish, Swedish, “Gu-Achi”,…), moderately paced, and fairly easy to pick up.
  • Songs should have a call and response or a chorus or both
  • Round robin – when it’s your turn you may:
    • Call out a tune/song name, the key, and the tradition it comes from
    • Pass
    • Say a tune you’d like but need someone else to start it
    • Whoever starts a tune ends it
Doors open at 12:30. Suggested donation $5
Bring a snack to share at the long break!
Listeners are welcome.
Organized by Sheila Long

8th Annual Plant and Seed Exchange coming March 24th!
Heads Up!  Now is the time to start preparing for the 8th Annual Plant and Seed Exchange which will be held on March 24th this year. If you are starting to plant seeds plant a little extra, or keep an eye out for volunteer plants that you might like to pop into containers to share. What plants you can divide? How about bulbs or tubers? Although gardening books will be available to find out more about the many plants, trees and seeds labels help a lot.

Details about the plant and seed exchange will be in the March Quimper Grange News.
Organized by Ashley Kehl and Jennimae Hilliard

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January 2019, Quimper Grange News: Old Time Jam, Square Dance, Contra Dance, "Medicine Line" Metis Fiddle , Frankie Gavin Irish Fiddle, President's Farewell Message

Jan 2nd (Wed) 7:00 - Old Time Jam
Led by Bobbi Nikles accompanied by Bertram Levy

Start the new year with music! If you have not participated in the

Quimper Grange Old Time Jam before it is geared toward intermediate players but players of any skill level are welcome. The jam is structured, meaning the jam leader chooses all the tunes, the focus is on Old Time string band music. Usually there are fiddles, banjos, guitars, concertinas and an occasional mandolin or ukelele. Come join us!

This month’s jam will be led by Bobbi Nikles who will be accompanied by Bertram Levy on banjo. Bobbi will start us off teaching Henry Reed’s, The Route (A modal tuning on banjo’s). the rest of the tunes we’ll play are in the keys of D and G. There is a suggested donation of $1- $2 to help pay for hall use. Cookies /snacks appreciated
Doors open at 6:45           questions? call, Marla 360-385-69

Jan 12, 8:00 Square Dance - Alex Macleod and the Devil's Club Darlins'

Caller Alex Macleod
Alex MacLeod is calling squares and related dance forms at the January 12 (8PM) Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social. Alex, a founding member of the Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society, calls all over  the northwest and beyond. The Devil’s Club Darlins’, with Howie Meltzer and Laurel Bliss on fiddle, John Clark on banjo, John Hatton on guitar, and Dream Frohe will be laying down some very sweet dance tunes.  This dance could possibly be the highlight of your winter. Certainly the best January event to ring in 2019.

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $5 if you arrive on bike or foot or bring a non disposable water bottle; $7 for car drivers; 16 and under is free. Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe. Come at 7 and jam with the band. For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.
The Devils Club Darlin's

Jan 19, 7:30-11:00 Contra Dance
to the Luddite Ramblers, Isaac Banner  calling

The Luddite Ramblers:
Jay Finklestein on guitar, Laurel Stone on fiddle and Craig Shaw on flute, fife and whistle. These fabulous musicians weave together infectious dance rhythms, enchanting melodies, and rich harmonies. A joy to dance and listen to!

Isaac Banner Calling:

A long-time contra dancer, Isaac has become well-known for his particular blend of humor and dance instruction. With contagious excitement, a warm cadence, and a cheerful personality, he brings moments of magic into the lives of newcomers and veteran dancers alike. 

Come early if you are new or want a refresher for a 1/2 hour lesson at 7:30pm. Dance starts at 8:00pm
Admission $6       16 and under free
Questions? call Tinker @ (360) 379 2882

Jan 23, (Wed) 7:00 Medicine Line Project 
Concert and Culture- Fiddling with Indigenous Dialect 
Featuring Metis Fiddler Jamie Fox and Pianist Scotty Leach 

Jamie Fox is collaborating with Scotty Leach for this project about the Metis music and culture along the Medicine Line (border between the US and Canada).

Jamie Fox is a Metis fiddler of the Aaniih and Nakoda tribes. She grew up on the Fort Belknap Reservation of Northern Montana where she was immersed in a lively fiddle and dance tradition in the community, playing for dances starting at a young age. The tunes and dancing played there derive from a mixture of Celtic, French, and Native American cultures - local Saturday night dances were a positive bridge in the racial divide of what it meant to grow up on the reservation and be Metis - mixed blood. 
Scotty Leach hails from Centralia, WA and grew up in the folk music world. He is an accomplished pianist and also plays fiddle, with repertoire pulled from most North American genres of traditional fiddling.
Jamie and Scotty met at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes as teenagers and have been friends ever since by sharing tunes, traveling, and exceptionally dry humor. 

Doors open at 6:30pm.  Suggested donation $15-$20
publicity, Sheila Long

Jan 31, (Thurs) 7:00- Frankie Gavin Irish Fiddle

Frankie Gavin is one, and perhaps the best of, Ireland's premier
traditional fiddle players. And in a land that produces many prodigiously talented players, that is saying a lot.

In a nutshell, Frankie has been playing since the age of four, when he was handed a whistle, and has since performed for four presidents beginning at the age of six; is a founding member of the legendary Irish traditional band De Danann, in the forefront of the renaissance of trad Irish music along with Bothy Band and Planxty (and the reformed New De Danann); performs and records with other luminaries in the Irish traditional music scene and more, such as Yehudi Menuhin; was in the 2010 Guinness Book of World records as the world's fastest fiddler; has just recently win the 2018 Musician of the Year award from Ireland's prestigious Gradam Ceoil Arts Academy; AND recently performed for the Pope in Dublin

Frankie's artistry is amazing; he is a master of control over bow and fiddle, and makes each piece of music delight the ear.  His concerts also share anecdotes about his childhood and life on tour. 
                 Doors open at 6:30   $15-20 suggested donation  
Publicity Chris Stuart

2018 A Year of Giant Sized Accomplishments

Before saying goodbye to 2018 it’s worth looking back on what Quimper Grange accomplished this past year. We were able to host:
  • 13 contra dances 
  • 9 square dances
  • 10 Old Time Jams
  •  9 Quimper Grange House Concerts
  • 1 harmony singing workshop
  • 1 Danish dance workshop
  •  5 educational programs
  •  The 7th Annual Plant and Seed Exchange 
  •  The first (annual?) instrument sale 
When you are in the hall peruse the posters on the wall so you can see the wide variety of public events we were able to offer the community. But there is more! A massive effort was put into improvements to the hall and grounds, including: 
  •  Exterior of the hall: painted
  •  Bathrooms: new sinks, paper product dispensers, grab bars, and mirrors; walls painted. Big bathroom remodeled, small bathroom now has marmoleum on the floor. 
  • Kitchen: old appliances were removed, and unused kitchen items were sold at a garage sale. One of the counters was extended, the other reconfigured. A new stove and refrigerator were installed
  •  Plumbing: all of our WWII era plumbing, pipes; drains; water heater; everything was replaced, and an outdoor faucet and hydrant were added
  • Dance floor: refinished
  • Furnishings: We purchased 22 new tables and Chimacum Grange offered us many chairs they no longer needed. So we have more and better seating. 
When you think back on 2018 hopefully you have joyful memories that include our warm and welcoming Grange hall! These accomplishments are the work of a very small number of people, all of them volunteers. A special thanks to Farren, Marla Streator, Sheila Long, Rob Harbour, JoYount, Dave Thielk, Deb Wiese and Janeann Twelker who did the majority of the heavy lifting.

President’s Farewell Message
Marla Streator, Quimper Grange 2013-2018

In 2013 I reluctantly became the president of Quimper Grange and took on the responsibility because no one else was willing to do so. Our membership was down to the bare minimum and there were several months we didn’t even have a quorum to conduct business.
I am pleased to say that by actively seeking members we built up our membership enough to be able to start getting things done. We still don’t have a lot of members but have had enough to plow ahead anyway.
Among my proudest achievements in the past 6 years are starting the highly successful “Quimper Grange House Concerts” in 2012, and the low key Quimper Grange Old Time Jam in 2015.  Most Quimper Grange members are musicians or dancers so going where the energy is made sense. 
Besides creating music events there is also a lot of energy around dance so another source of pride has been saving the Quimper Grange dance floor.  A few years ago we were down to bare wood on a floor that cannot be sanded down again because it is down to the the tongue in the tongue and groove. But, thanks to expert advice of Michael Morrow of Sound Hardwood Flooring, I was able to create an easy to follow step by step, how to refinish the dance floor document with colored pictures. Now we can refinish the floor ourselves. If we continue refinishing the floor annually the floor is saved!
Although I will be stepping down as president after 6 years and passing that baton to Sheila Long I will still be doing things that keep Quimper Grange rolling like posting Quimper Grange News on this website, producing the occasional concert or educational program, continuing to organize the Old Time Jam, helping out with the Plant and Seed Exchange and taking on the role of Corresponding Secretary. It will continue to be my pleasure to help Quimper Grange serve the community.

February 3rd 7:00 PM-  Joe Newberry Concert
Details will be in Feb Quimper Grange News posted at the end of Jan

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December 2018 Quimper Grange News: Old Time Jam, Square Dance, Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms Concert, Contra Dance, Grange Elections, Excellence in Service Award, Chairs, First Annual Instrument Sale, More Hall Improvements, Food Bank Garden Report

Dec 5h, 7:00 Old Time Jam
led by Becky Evasick
Becky Evasick may have fiddled for more Quimper Grange square
and contra dances than any other player and has a passel of great tunes to play. This month her focus will be on the tunes of Ernie Carpenter, mostly in the key of A, (AEAE tuning on fiddles). However we will start out by learning John Dyke's Huckleberry Blues in the key of C. 
Cookies or other snacks share are appreciated. Suggested donation of $1-2 helps pay for use of the hall. Doors open at 6:45 

December 8, 8 PM, Joanna Stodden and the Willow Street Ramblers play the Quimper Grange Square Dance

Caller Joanna Stodden
The Willow Street Ramblers
The December 8 Quimper Grange Square Dance (at 8 PM) features Joanna Stodden calling squares and related forms with the Willow Street Ramblers knocking out the dance tunes.   Joanna is a well known Seattle square dance caller, but this is her first caller appearance at a Quimper Grange square dance. The Willow Street Ramblers include Becky Evasick on fiddle, Dave Thielk on banjo, and Carol Hardy on guitar. The Ramblers are guaranteed to knock your socks off.

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $5 if you arrive on bike or foot or bring a non disposable water bottle; $7 for car drivers; 16 and under is free. Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe. Come at 7 and jam with the band. For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.

Dec 11th, 7:00 Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms Duo
Original Songs, Old Time Country Duets, and American Fiddle Tunes

Caleb Klauder and and Reeb Willms have graced the stage at Centrum’s Fiddle Tunes Festival and at Voiceworks singing exquisite harmonies and playing strong, tasteful instrumentals.  Caleb has penned over 50 songs many of which are standards across America in honky-tonk and bluegrass jams. He has been touring nationally and internationally for over twenty years and is a founding member of the Foghorn string band. Reeb joined Foghorn in 2011. Presently Caleb and Reeb are touring as a duo, promoting their albums, Innocent Road. featuring six of Caleb’s original songs as well as their first duo CD, Oh Do You Remember recorded in 2013, a collection of close harmony gems.
Doors open at 6:30 Suggested donation $15-$20
Here is the title track of Innocent Road. Played at the KBOO Pickathon sessions:

Dec 15th, 7:30-11:00 Contra Dance

Caller: Tinker Cavallaro
Music: Local band "Steelhead" Dave Thielk on fiddle; Katya Kirsch on banjo; Roger Pick, concertina; and Carol Hardy on guitar.
Come early at 7:30 for the free 1/2 lesson if you are new to contras or want a little refresher.
Admission $6
16 and under free
Call Tinker (360)379 2882

New Officers for Quimper Grange in 2019

In November we held Quimper Grange elections. The Results?
President-Sheila Long
Vice president- Farren
Corresponding secretary- Marla Streator
Recording secretary-Janeann Twelker 
Treasurer - Johanna Perkins
Executive Committee: 
through 2019- Janeanne Twelker 
through 2020- Bill Dwyer
through 2021-Rob Harbour

Marla Anne Streator Excellence in Service Award

In November the first ever Marla Anne Streator Excellence in Service Award was presented to the outgoing president of Quimper Grange. This honor was bestowed not only for her service as president of Quimper Grange for the past 6 years but for the many other roles she plays that keep Quimper Grange rolling. Among her contributions Marla puts together the monthly Quimper Grange News; serves on the Grounds Committee; the Building Maintenance Committee; and is an Outreach Committee of one. She initiated "Quimper Grange House Concerts" with the help of Chris Cooper and she organizes the Quimper Grange Old Time Jam.  

First (Annual?) Instrument Sale, Lots to Choose From

Jere Canote and his instruments
The instrument sale in November brought together vendors with a wide variety of instruments to sell; new ones, used ones,  easily recognizable ones and highly unusual one. This first ever event was the organized by Grange members Sheila Long and Farren.  

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!

The chair  sorters and movers: Sheila Long, Jim Fritz, Jo Yount, Al Latham, Farren
Thank to Chimacum Grange members
Al Latham and Jim Fritz we now have more and better chairs. And thanks to the Quimper Grangers who sorted them, moved them and cleaned  upholstery.

The Latest Hall Improvements

The small bathroom got a new coat of paint, paper towel and TP dispensers, mirror and grab bar thanks to Building Maintenance Chair, Sheila Long. What an improvement! But that's not all, for better visibility at night, we have two new sensor lights shining in the parking area installed by Steve Wilson. And, Sheila and Farren worked on critter proofing our crawlspace. 

Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden's 
Record Breaking Harvest

Once again Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden has increased the amount of organic produce it is providing to our local food bank. By November crops harvested were up to an amazing 2,879.25 pounds this year, and even as the gardening year is winding down the garden is still delivering about 60 pounds a week! Quimper Grange has supported Food Bank Farm and Gardens of Jefferson County from it's inception by providing land for growing crops and water to irrigate them. Two of our Grange members are the backbone of this feat of altruism, Jo Yount and Kathy Ryan. Kudos to you and your fellow gardeners!

Editor's note: Font on our website has a mind of it's own. That is why font is large in some posts, small in others. There gets to be a point when trying to fix anomalies is not worth it.

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November 2018 Quimper Grange News: Old Time Jam, Del Rey Concert, Fundraiser Instrument Sale, Contra Dance, Square Dance, Driveway Gravel

November 7th, 7:00 Old Time Jam with David Margolin
playing New Mexico jam favorites

We are fortunate to have David Margolin back to lead the jam bringing his unique sense of humor and eclectic mix of tunes.  David lives in New Mexico half of the year and will be playing "New Mexico favorites". 
The Quimper Grange jam is a friendly affair with musicians playing everything from fiddle to concertina; guitars, mandolins  banjos and the occasional ukelele. You are welcome to join us.
This month we'll be playing tunes in the friendly keys of D and G starting off with Earl Collins version of "Yellow Cat". A couple of the tunes we''ll be playing, Indian Nation and Flatwoods are in GDAD tuning on fiddles.  $1-2 suggested donation to help cover costs of using the hall.  Cookies to share are always appreciated. Doors open at 6:45

Nov 8th (Thurs) 7:00 Del Rey House Concert
Guitar  ~ Ukulele

Del Rey started playing guitar when she was four years old. At thirteen, she was immersed in the world of folk music, via the San Diego Folk Festival. She has tried to get a whole band onto her solo instrument from the beginning. This gives her music an interesting complexity, especially when applied to the ukulele.

Del Rey has taught and played all over the world, and brings her distinctive finger-style approach to guitar and ukulele. Rags, blues and tunes of the early 20th century are her specialty, even as she writes new music to add to the tradition.  Del Rey also has fashion sense that would make Minnie Pearl smile.
Doors open at 6:30
Suggested donation $15–$25

Nov 10th (Sat) 1:00-4:00 Instrument Sale Fundraiser

New and used instrument sale for buyers and sellers.  Cash only.

Instrument makers and those with new and used instruments welcome.

Sellers will be allotted table space with 10% of all sales going to the Grange. The Grange will act as cashier.  Owner presence to sell is preferred but a Grange member will be on site to manage your sales for an additional 10% fee.

Check in to sell   Noon – 12:45pm
Questions? Please contact Sheila

All sales are as-is, and the Grange takes no responsibility for condition of instruments.

Nov 17th (Sat) 7:30 -11 Contra Dance 
Sherry Nevins calling

Dance to the music of a great local band  "Wild Phil and the Buffalo Gals". The band members are Becky Evasick and Quenn Charrier on fiddle, Phil Andrus on guitar, and Carol Sword on banjo. 
Sherry brings years of experience calling contra dances and calls with calm and clarity. She makes dancing an art and joy. 

Come early if you're new to contra dance and learn the basics. Sherry will teach a 1/2 hour lesson at 7:30
Admission $6
16 and under free!
questions call tinker @ (360) 379 2882

November 24 Square Dance with Dave  Thielk calling and Turkey Sandwich Club on the strings!

Caller Dave Thielk
Turkey Sandwich Club
The November 24 (8 PM) Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social brings local musicians and callers together for a post-Thanksgiving gathering at Quimper Grange.  Dave Thielk calls squares and related sets as far away as Juneau, AK and Westby, WI, and for all ages and abilities. Turkey Sandwich Club features Bobbi Nikles on fiddle, Jack Dwyer on mandolin, and Jere Canote on guitar. The November square dance is one of my favorites each year because it falls on Thanksgiving weekend, and is always local folks!  What a great way to extend the holiday celebrations into the weekend. 

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and
encouraged. This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $5 if you arrive on bike or foot or bring a non disposable water bottle; $7 for car drivers; 16 and under is free. Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe. Come at 7 and jam with the band. For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.

Driveway Gets Gravel
We're getting ready for the rainy season by graveling the driveway for mud prevention. The less mud that gets tracked into the hall the better it is for  our dance floor.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

October 2018 Quimper Grange News: Old Time Jam, Evie Ladin and Keith Terry Concert, Square Dance, Walkling Biking and Motoring in Port Townsend, Composting Workshop,Cooperatives Program, Randal Bays and John Coyne Irish Concert

October 3, (Wed) Old Time Jam
Led by Dave Thielk

This month’s jam will be led by Quimper Grange’s square dance organizer, Dave Thielk. He will be accompanied by Chris Cooper on guitar and will start off by teaching Jim Shank (AEAE tuning on fiddles). He will also slowdown a couple of other tunes but not teach them in detail: Railroad Runs Through Georgia and Free State Hornpipe. It will be an odd set of tunes overall, ones that are not commonly played in Port Townsend. Some a little crooked but none of them too mysterious. Tunes will be in the keys of A and G.
Suggested donation of $1 or $2 helps cover the cost of using the hall. Doors open at 6:45

October 11, (Thurs) 7:00   Evie Ladin and Keith Terry
   Quimper Grange House Concert

Evie Ladin and Keith Terry will be performing at the Quimper Grange in Port Townsend on Thursday, October 11th.  The doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7pm.  Suggested donation $15 - $20.

Innovative musicians/dancers with a quirky neo-trad soul, Oakland, California-based Evie Ladin and Keith Terry throw down original folk songs and deep interpretations of old songs, with the kinetic thrill of percussive dance.
A prolific singer-songwriter, percussive dancer and square dance caller, the polyrhythmic heat of Evie’s clawhammer banjo has been heard from A Prairie Home Companion to Celtic Connections, Lincoln Center to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass.
Trained as a jazz drummer, Keith Terry brings tonal percussion to stand-up bass, is a renowned percussionist/rhythm dancer, the founder of the International Body Music Festival, and a collaborator with a host of inventive performers from Bobby McFerrin, Tex Williams and Robin Williams, to Turtle Island Quartet, Charles “Honi” Coles and Bill Irwin.

October 13th, 8:00 Square Dance 

Caller Gabe Strand
The October Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social is scheduled for October 13 at 8 PM at Quimper Grange.  Gabe Strand (one of my favorites) from Lopez Island will be calling.  Joe Fulton, Charles Espey and friends will be rocking out the dance tunes.

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $5 if you arrive on bike or foot or bring a non disposable water bottle; $7 for car drivers; 16 and under is free. Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe. Come at 7 and jam with the band. For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.

Oct 15, (Monday) 7-8:30 Walking, Biking and Motoring in Port Townsend:
Water Street and Beyond: Panel discussion

Are you confused about the new striping on Water Street? Would you like to know more about the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists? Do you have questions about design features on Water Street and other locations? Do you want to hear about ”Best Practices“ from a cyclist? Then consider attending our forum!

We will have a city engineer, a police officer, and a pedestrian/cyclist present to provide information and answer questions. More details coming.
? Contact Dave Thielk 360-602-1270

Oct 16th, 6:00 Composting Workshop
To Register go to Brown Paper Tickets :
Questions? call 360-379-4491

Oct 20th, 7:30 Contra Dance 

October 22nd (Mon) 7:00 
“Secure Your Business Future: Convert to a Cooperative”
As they approach retirement, Baby Boomers-born 1946 to 1964- may have a hard time finding a buyer or family member to carry on their business, especially in rural areas. Cooperative conversion is one answer.

 Converting a business to a worker cooperative can help Baby 
Boomers retire, employees keep jobs, and the community retain valuable services. “Secure Your Business Future: Convert to a Cooperative” features Deborah Craig, Cooperative Development Specialist of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, Olympia, WA, talking about planning, financing options, and training for worker buyouts of existing businesses. 

This National Cooperative Month program is open to business owners, employees, advisors, and anyone interested in a strong environment for local business: Monday, October 22, 7PM, at Quimper Grange, 1219 Corona St., Port Townsend. Sponsored by Quimper Grange and the Olympic Cooperative Network. Admission by donation. For information, call Deb Wiese, 360-385-1928.

Oct 30, (Tues), 7:00 Randall Bays and John Coyne 
Renowned Irish Musicians in Concert!

Randal Bays and John Coyne bring power and passion to the traditional music of Ireland. Fiddle tunes – the reels and jigs that are the hallmark of the Irish tradition, plus a great selection of songs, a few stories, occasionally a guest musician or dancer jumping in… all of this delivered with the heartfelt wish to share the wild beauty of Irish music with their audience.
      Randal currently lives in Olympia, with a frequent touring and teaching schedule that makes a local concert a rare treat. He has been seriously obsessed with Irish fiddle for… let’s just say a very long time. He’s performed and recorded with a number of notable musicians including James Kelly, James Keane, Daithi Sproule, Martin Hayes and many more. As Fiddler Magazine says, “Randal Bays is one of the finest Irish fiddlers one could ever hope to hear”.
     John Coyne hails from Limerick, Ireland, and has been resident in Boston for some years. His excellent bouzouki playing and fine singing have made him the “first call” accompanist for many great traditional musicians, including Mary MacNamara, Mickey Dunne and Frankie Gavin.

$15-20 suggested donation. Doors open at 6:30

Kudos to Quimper Grange Food Bank Gardeners!

The food bank garden is  harvesting 200 pounds of produce a week. Congratulation gardeners!

Food Bank Farm and Gardens of Jefferson is always looking for volunteers at their various locations. If you would like to help grow nutritious food for the the food bank email: