Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Square Dance; "American Meat" movie & Conversation With Local Meat Producers; Contra Dance; Jefferson County Historical Society Exhibit for Grange Month

April 11th,7:30 Square Dance and Social 

Caller Anne Marie Schaefer
Wild Phil and the Buffalo Gals
Anne Marie Schaefer is calling the Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social on Saturday, April 11th.  Wild Phil and the Buffalo Gals will be hitting the strings and rocking the dancers with southern tunes. Square dance your hearts out. All dances taught. Live music for every dance. Family friendly. Partners not necessary. 7:30 $5.00 for adults, 16 and under free.

April 12th (Sunday) 7:00 PM "American Meat" Screening and Local Meat Conversation
“American Meat” a recent documentary about meat production in America is a thought-provoking documentary of meat production throughout the country and recent innovations in the industry that show promise for a more healthful, humane and sustainable future for the production of meat. More information at: http://www.americanmeatfilm.com/our_documentary 

After seeing “American Meat" viewers can talk with local meat producers who will share their experiences producing healthy meat for our community. They will also share their ideas about expanding the range of locally grown and processed meat products available in our area. Among the local producers will be John Bellow and interns from Spring Rain Farm, Roger Short from Short’s Family Farm and Janet Aubin from Finnriver Farm.

This event is free and open to everyone. Donations will be gladly accepted to help maintain the Quimper Grange Hall. Questions? Call Marla 385-6924

April 18th,7:30 3rd Saturday Contra Dance
Henceforth Quimper Grange will be sponsoring 3rd Saturday Contra Dances. 
The April dance features AIRSTREAM TRAVELER playing tunes and Carol Piening, from Olympia will be calling.
Info: Jo at 385-0456

April is Grange Month 

To honor the occasion Quimper Grange and Chimacum Grange have collaborated displaying artifacts from the past in the foyer of the Jefferson County Historical Society. Jefferson County used to be home to five Granges: Uncas, Qulicene Rhododendron, Chimacum and Quimper but only two remain, those with halls of their own: Chimacum Grange # 681 and Quimper Grange #720. Within their walls are held the collective memories of community: celebrations of the milestones of life from baby showers to memorial services; potlucks, political forums, concerts, whatever is suited to an unpretentious public space.

In earlier days the Grange took on big challenges working to improve the lives of rural folks. Many goals have been achieved and are now taken for granted; for example the Grange initiated the Cooperative movement in the United States. One of the Grange’s stated purposes was “buying together, selling together and in general acting together for mutual protection”. We have Public Power because of the Grange, better roads; the Grange initiated Rural Free Delivery of mail, Extension Service and agricultural education in schools; the Pure Food and Drug Act, the Wool Products Labeling Act and local Granges weighed in on labeling of butter substitutes.

These days Jefferson County Granges have a more local focus and take pride in being of service to the community. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

WB Reid and Bonnie Zahnow "House" Concert, Worm Bins talk, Square Dance, Plant and Seed Exchange, Grange halls talk recap, emergency floor refinishing, Old-time backup guitar workshop

March 29th, Sunday, 11-3
Fourth Annual Plant and Seed Exchange

This popular event will be held outdoors under canopies and in the Quimper Grange hall. Bring your extra seeds, plant divisions, spare potted plants, trees, bare roots, bulbs, and whatever else needs a new garden to thrive in. Books will be on hand to help answer plant and seed questions and Mountain Spirit Herbals will be providing hot tea. For more information call: Ashley Kehl at 360-821-2092 

March 1st, Sunday, 7:00
Quimper Grange "House Concert" featuring WB Reid and Bonnie Zahnow 

Quimper Grange presents its first “house” concert of the year with an evening of Old Time music and song featuring W.B Reid and Bonnie Zahnow.  Stalwarts of the Seattle Old Time music scene and frequent
teachers at Centrums Fiddle Tunes, W.B. and Bonnie play old-time country songs and fiddle tunes, string blues music from Mississippi and Memphis, and Mexican songs and dance tunes. Both play fiddle and guitar, and W.B. also plays a variety of other stringed instruments. Sweet harmonies on songs ranging from poignant to humorous, twin-fiddling, foot-tapping tunes and slow waltzes,  will all make for fine and enjoyable musical evening. For a taste of their fine playing and musical history visit:
A donation of $10-$15 is suggested. 
and additionally:

March 1st 2-3:30 Old-Time Backup Guitar Workshop with WB Reid
WB will be sharing his decades of experience accompanying old-time fiddle music.

  • chords
  • grooves and styles
  • bass runs

assisted by fiddler Bonnie Zahnow
$15- $25 sliding scale if you have questions call WB at (206)501-7987

 March 2, Monday, 7 pm
"WIMBY - Worms In My Back Yard"
Linda Pfafman on Worm Bins 

In Mandarin one translation of worms is "angels of the earth". Worms are key to more environmentally friendly agricultural practices -- and much more.

Linda Pfafman has worked with the Master Gardener Foundation and Dundee Hill Community Garden and has become a worm specialist. Her talk will highlight:

-- the benefits of raising worms in your backyard
-- anatomy / physiology of worms
-- types of worm bins
-- the care and feeding of worms

By the end of the hour, you should be able to start your own worm bin, reduce your garbage bill, and be able to save money by reducing the need to purchase fertilizers to help your garden grow, bloom, and produce healthy organic groceries. A donation of $5-10 is suggested to help maintain and improve the Quimper Grange's community hall.

March 14th 7:30 Square Dance 
Caller Amy Carroll
On March 14th, Roscoe will be playing traditional Southern square dance tunes behind Seattle Caller Amy Carroll.  Roscoe features Dave Thielk on fiddle, Katya Kirsch on banjo, and ever-ready steady Chris Cooper on guitar.  Our square dance is family friendly and all dances taught.  Call Dave Thielk for more info.  360-301-6005.

Other Dances and Happenings... 

Many other regularly scheduled public events take place at Quimper Grange: Contra dances, Cajun/ Zydeco dances and dance classes as occassional special events. Check our calendar (at the top of the page) and click on the event for details.
Grange and Community Halls are Worthy of Preservation 
Holly Taylor proposes that Grange halls as well as small town and rural community halls should be evaluated as Traditional Cultural Properties, which are eligible for being listed in the National Register because of their association with the cultural practices of living communities; she sees a need to preserve community halls that are used by working class people and honor those who not only restore but those that maintain them. Holly spoke to an audience that included Granger's from from Sequim Prairie #1108 and Chimacum #681 for our February program as well as  members of the Jefferson County Historical Society. We thank JCHS for co-sponsoring this event.
People asked questions after Holly’s talk. “What happens if there aren’t enough members or required officers to continue as a Grange?” Answer: The Grange loses its charter and all assets are placed in a trust fund. If the Grange isn’t reorganized within seven years the building will be sold and the money from the sale will be added to the State Grange general fund. “Why are Granges struggling to attract members?” A past Jefferson county extension agent suggested that relevance is the issue and the fact that younger people are not joiners. Regarding attracting members Sequim Prairie Grange found that fund raising events for worthy organizations attract members. People see joining their Grange as a way to have a sense of purpose in their lives. 

Speaking of Preservation---Our Precious Dance Floor
Emergency Floor Refinishing January 28th

While mopping the floor after our New Year’s Eve Fund Raiser Dance yours truly noticed that our floor finish had worn through to bare wood and we, the guardians of the dance floor, would have to get a protective finish on it ASAP.  The volunteer crew included Jo Yount, Marla Streator, Joanne Pontrello, Chris Cooper, George Yount and John Drew who did a marathon prepping and finishing blitz starting at 12:30 in the afternoon and finishing at 11PM. With a full calendar of renters this was the one and only day possible to get the job done. But, as you can see it got done. Thanks crew!

And Quimper Grange would also like to thank Edensaw’s John Montgomery for answering a million questions and giving us a huge discount on floor finish and prepping supplies.

Marla Streator

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

February "Grange Halls of Washington" program, preserving our local granges, square dance, draft horse farming program, new year's eve thank yous

FEB 2nd, (Mon)7:00 “GRANGE HALLS of WASHINGTON, Preservation of Rural and Small Town Community Buildings” 

Quimper Grange and the Jefferson County Historical Society are hosting a talk by historic preservation consultant Holly Taylor in an effort to call attention to the wide assortment of rural community buildings both well cared for and neglected that exist in our state, especially our two local Granges, Quimper #720 and Chimacum #681. 

In an article written for the Washington Trust, Taylor wrote, “One of our state’s cultural treasures, and best-kept preservation secrets, is its remarkable collection of Grange halls.”  While the Grange is often thought of as a Midwestern organization, Washington State has the largest membership in the country and the largest number of Grange halls in active use.   Many halls were purpose-built, but about a third of Washington’s halls were repurposed structures.  Taylor wrote: “adaptive reuse is often regarded as a contemporary urban phenomenon, so it is noteworthy that the National Grange embraced ‘recycling’ of rural community buildings almost 90 years ago.”  The halls were rarely architectural monuments, but they embodied the collective memories and cultural practices of living communities. To view the article in full: http://preservewa.org/FileLibrary/file/Newsletters/2014/2014-3%20July.pdf 
Holly Taylor is from Vashon Island and is a doctoral student at the University of Washington.  She has visited and documented over 200 Grange halls in Washington State.  Her talk will touch on progressive-era history of the Grange and explore preservation issues related to rural and small town community buildings. 
There is a suggested donation of $5-10 to help maintain and improve the Quimper Grange Hall.

Preserving Our Local Granges
Our local Granges have hosted many educational programs related to farming and gardening since they were first established in the early 1900's. Their community halls have been venues of choice for dances and potlucks in addition to a meeting place for Grange members. Many people do not realize that the Grange is not the hall, but is comprised of the dues paying members of the organization who have the responsibility of maintaining the building and grounds. If there are not enough members or if certain crucial offices are not filled the Grange loses its charter and the building and assets of the Grange then become property of the State Grange. Thus one aspect of Grange Hall preservation is community involvement as members, volunteers, renters and donors. 

FEB 14th, 7:30 (Valentines Day)  Square Dance
The February 14 Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social features live music with Airstream Traveler and dance caller Dave
Caller Dave Thielk
Thielk. Come on up to Quimper Grange and celebrate Valentine's Day! Bring a sweetheart if you have one; if not, you just might find a valentine to dance with! Airstream Traveler features Gary Pasco, Carol Hardy, Roger Pick and Libby Reid on fiddle, guitar, concertina and mandolin. Dave Thielk will be calling traditional squares, circles, reels and mixers. Dancing starts at 7:30.

All dances are taught; experience is not necessary. Our dances are family friendly, and open to all ages and experience levels. Partners are not necessary, so come by yourself, with a friend, with your family, or the whole tribe. Dancers are encouraged to bring their own personal water bottle, and snacks to share with other dancers if inclined. Quimper Grange, 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. $5.00 adults; 16 and under free. For more information, see www.ptcommunitydance.com or call Dave Thielk 360-301-6005.

And Much More... 
Also at Quimper Grange: Contra dances, Cajun/ Zydeco dances and dance classes as well as a variety of other events. Check our calendar (at the top of the page) and click on the event for details.

Draft Horse Farming Program: a Glimpse Into the Future?
Our January program drew a big crowd: farmers, horse people, and seekers of alternatives to using fossil fuels for power. Caitlin Arnold and Brandon Wickes showed stunning slides of their experiences as draft horse interns in Canada this past year as well as from a draft horse and draft horse farming equipment event called "Horse Progress Days". Thank You Caitlin and Brandon!

Thanks for Making Our New Year's Eve Fundraiser a Success

Community support is what gives Quimper Grange the energy to do all the things people associate with the warm and friendly building at the north end of Sheridan Street: excellent educational programs, well attended dances, a highly productive Food Bank Garden, and an unpretentious rental space. Every year at our fundraiser dance that support is palpable. There are many to thank for their contributions to making our annual fundraiser dance a success. So here are thank yous in no particular order: Thank you: Dave Thielk for organizing, publicizing and calling dances; community businesses for donating refreshments: Mt Townsend Creamery, Pan d'Amore, the Food Co-op, Safeway, QFC ; musicians in Susannah Gals: Llory Wilson, Carol Sword, Becky Burton, and Carol Hardy; musicians in Airstream Traveler: Gary Pascoe, Katya Kirsch, Roger Pick and Carol Hardy (who played guitar in both bands). Thank you Jo Yount for calling, and helping with refreshments, Dick Johnson,who took donations at the door; Farren for helping decorate and contributing beaucoup pulled pork; to Marla Streator for soliciting donations, organizing the  "midnight" Martinelli's toast, and decorating; and last but not least, to dancers and non-dancers whose donations will help us make the next improvements to Quimper Grange!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

January 2015 - New Year's Eve Fundraiser Dance, "The Horse-Powered Market Garden" Program, San Juan Island Grange Connection, More Events at Quimper Grange

December 31st, 5th Annual  New Year's Eve Fundraiser Dance:      8:00-Midnight

Susannah Gals 
This year marks the 5th Annual New Year's Eve Fundraiser Dance. Two local bands, Susannah Gals and Airstream Traveler, with Dave Thielk and possible guest callers, calling the dances. Admission is a suggested $10.00 donation (no one turned away). This event is family friendly and alcohol free. Susannah Gals will be playing from 8 to 10, with Airstream Traveler on from 10 till midnight. Some food and refreshments will be provided; dancers are encouraged to bring deserts and other snacks to share. Drop in and support our Grange with a donation, or stay all night and dance till midnight.

January 5th, 7:00, "The Horse-Powered Market Garden"

Caitlin Arnold and Brandon Wickes spent eight months as draft horse interns on a successful organic vegetable farm in Ontario Canada this past year and will talk about working with the horses, and the tools and equipment they used to grow vegetables for a 220–member CSA. They see draft horse farming as a viable alternative to using fossil fuels and are hoping to start their own draft powered farm business in 2015. This slide show will provide attendees with a basic understanding of modern horse-powered organic farming and will be followed by a Q and A. Resources will be provided for those interested in learning more about and/or pursuing horse-powered farming.
A suggested donation of $5-10 is requested to help maintain and improve the Quimper Grange hall.

Caller Joanne Pontrello

January 10th Square Dance

Come on up to the Grange on January 10th for a "breakin' up Christmas" square dance and social. The tradition of "breakin' up Christmas" with community-based dancing and music goes back 100s of years and has its roots in southern Appalachia. Local favorite Joanne Pontrello will be calling traditional Appalachian squares. Music will be provided by Breakin' Up Christmas, with Dave Thielk on fiddle, Carol Hardy on guitar, and Chris Cooper on banjo.

Dancing starts at 7:30. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Partners not necessary.  For more information, contact Dave Thielk at 360-385-3308,

San Juan Island Grange and Quimper Grange Have a Lot in Common

Marla with San Juan Island Grangers
Marla Streator, the President Quimper Grange installed newly elected officers in a traditional ceremony at San Juan Island Grange’s December meeting. After the meeting there was time to talk about common experiences and give each other advice on how to run a successful Grange. Conversation ranged from hall improvement plans, to educational programs to dances; from collaborations with other organizations to how we approach fundraising. Quimper Grange's vision statement "to create a resilient community" and San Juan’s mission statement "to support a resilient community" point to a commonality of approach that hints at a long relationship to come.

To find out about them click on "Calendar of Events" at the top of the page.  Click on the event for details.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

December 2014- Square Dances, 2014 Accomplishments, Election results, Lost and Found,

Dec 13th, 7:30-10:30 Square Dance

Seattle's Trillium Stringband with Portland caller Amy Hofer will be hosting the December 13
Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social! Trillium Stringband features Charmaine Slaven on fiddle, Aisling McCarron on banjo, & Brigid Blume on guitar. Between Amy Hofer and Trillium Stringband, come prepared to knock your socks off! Dancing starts at 7:30.

Amy Hofer will teach all dances; experience is not necessary. Our dances are family friendly, and open to all ages and experience levels. Partners are not necessary, so come by yourself, with a friend, with your family, or the whole block. Dancers are encouraged to bring their own personal water bottle, and snacks to share with other dancers if inclined.  $5.00 adults; 16 and under free. For more information, call Dave Thielk 360-301-6005.
Susannah Gals

New Year's Eve: Annual Fundraiser Dance

This year marks the 5th Annual New Year's Eve Fundraiser Dance. Two local bands, Susannah Gals and Airstream Traveler, with Dave Thielk and possible guest callers, calling the dances. Admission is a suggested $10.00 donation (no one turned away). The even is family
friendly and alcohol free. Susannah Gals will be playing from 8 to 10, with Airstream Traveler on from 10 till midnight. Some food and refreshments will be provided; dancers are encouraged to bring deserts and other snacks to share. Drop in and support our grange with a donation, or stay all night and dance till midnight.


As the year draws to a close it is satisfying to look back on the many accomplishments of Quimper Grange. Our members take pride in the many ways we have served the community:
  • We presented three well-attended educational programs this year: “Building a More Cooperative Economy”, “Growing Tomatoes in Port Townsend” and “Gardening With Less Water”. We thank the presenters who have donated their time and expertise to make these programs possible as well as those who have organized and publicized these events.
  • Quimper Grange also sponsored the Third Annual Plant and Seed Exchange. Thanks go out to Jennimae Hilliard and Ashley Kehl who followed through on making this event a success despite the fact that they lost everything they owned in a house fire three days before. 
  • This year Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden expanded by a third and grew a literal ton (2,000 pounds) of food to help feed the hungry. A special thanks to Quimper Grange member Jo Yount and Emily Stewart, volunteer coordinator from The Food Bank Farm and Gardens of Jefferson County! Not only did food production increase but also water use went down by 13,000 gallons. Congratulations!

    The Grange Garden in March of this year

  • In addition we have sponsored eight square dances so far this year and by year’s end that will be ten including our annual fundraising New Year’s Eve dance. For this we thank Grange member Dave Thielk, organizer, musician and square dance caller, who is ever focused on building community.
  • Lastly we sponsored the first Quimper Grange “House Concert” featuring story teller and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Carr. Thanks to Grange members Marla Streator and Chris Cooper.

Thank You Renters and Donors!
This year we have replaced our rotting single pane windows with low maintenance energy efficient ones and we have replaced the kitchen faucet which was too far gone to repair. For this we thank all of our renters and donors. Without your financial support these improvements to our Grange hall would not be possible.

2015 Quimper Grange Officers elected in November
President: Marla Streator
Vice President: Farren
Secretary: Deb Wiese
Treasurer: Lynn Taylor
Executive committee 3 year term: Jenifer Taylor

Deb Wiese has served as secretary for 2 years and has done an excellent job in this capacity but would like to pass this role to someone else. So we are actively seeking someone who would be willing to serve as Quimper Grange secretary.

Lost and Found - Claim Your Belongings

Our “Lost and Found” bin is full.  The deadline for picking up your lost belongings is January 1st.  We'd love to reunite you with your "stuff".

November Squares, Lively Crowd and Great Music!

"The Possum Carvers" carved up a storm on fiddle banjo and guitar at the November Quimper Grange Square Dance. Dave Thielk called to an enthusiastic dance crowd.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

November 2014 - Square Dance with Dave Thielk and the Possum Carvers; Quimper Grange Elections; Grange gets new windows; Cooperatives program

November 8th Square Dance

For the November Square Dance and Social, Dave Thielk will be calling traditional square dances and related dance forms from 7:30-10:30. Live music will be provided by the extraordinary Possum Carvers.  Dave Thielk is a local musician/dancer/caller who has been involved with community dance events in Port Townsend for over 25 years.  Members of The Possum Carvers, also local, have been playing for squares and contras all over the State of Washington, and beyond, for decades.
The Possum Carvers

Caller Dave Thielk
Come as you are. Singles, couples, families, and tribes, beginners and experienced, are all welcome.

Admission is $5.00.  Aged 16 and under are free.  All dances are taught.  This event is non alcohol and family friendly.  Dancers are encouraged to bring their own personal water bottle and if inclined, snacks to share with other dancers.  Call Dave Thielk (360-385-3308) for more information.

Quimper Grange Elections: November 10th, 7PM
Perhaps the most crucial event of the Grange year is election of officers to fill the important roles that make it possible for our Grange to continue serving the community. We will be electing President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and one Executive Committee member at our November 10th business meeting. If you are interested in becoming a member and being able to take part in determining Quimper Grange priorities, cook up interesting programs or have other ideas you would like to put forth, membership applications can be found by the door in the Grange hall or by clicking on the "Membership Information" tab at the top of this page.

Grange Hall Gets New Windows!

Our old wooden windows were attractive but high maintenance; they needed to be re-puttied and painted to keep the wood from rotting and the panes from falling out. (Yes, panes were falling out). They were also difficult to open. So in order to preserve the look of the old windows, decrease time and energy spent on painting and puttying, and reduce our heating costs we have installed new double glazed, double hung, divided light windows. Check them out the next time you are in the hall!

October's Panel Discussion:"Building a More Cooperative Economy" 

In the 1870s Granges all over the nation began establishing cooperative businesses in an effort to have more control over pricing, quality of goods, and access to services. Their early efforts expanded to include buying, selling and manufacturing cooperatives for farmers, and eventually included credit unions, fire insurance and even Seattle's Group Health. October is National Cooperative Month and in an effort to shine a light on the Grange's role in establishing cooperative enterprise as a business model in the US our Quimper Grange secretary, Deb Wiese, brought together a panel of local people to speak about their experiences working co-operatively. Thanks go out to Deb Wiese who moderated the program, and panelists: Steve Moore, Heather Dudley-Nollette, Jacob Talamante, Jim Lyons, Kenna Eaton, and Robert Yourish.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 2014 - Building a More Cooperative Economy; Square Dance with Gabe Strand and Skookumband!

In honor of National Cooperative Month, on October 20, Quimper Grange hosts a panel discussion on “Building a More Cooperative Economy,” featuring local experts who have been involved with successful cooperative businesses for decades.

Kenna Eaton has worked with
food co-ops for over 30 years!
“A film from the late ‘70s on the Mondragon Cooperatives inspired some of us to try it in Port Townsend,” said Robert Yourish. Yourish is the Chief Financial Officer for the worker-owned cooperative, Sunshine Propane, which he joined in 1980. Mondragon Corporation is a federation of 110 worker cooperatives started in 1955 in the Basque region of Spain, now with 80,000 worker-members and employees around the globe.

Panelists include Yourish; Kenna Eaton, General Manager of the Food Coop; Heather Dudley Nollette, co-founder of the CoLab, a “co-working” space; Steve Moore, board member of community-owned Quimper Mercantile; Jacob Talamante, founder and Executive Director of a youth-mentoring project, Labor Leaders; and Jim Lyons, co-founder and worker-owner since 1981 at the Port Townsend Shipwrights’ Cooperative.

According to Worldwatch Institute, as of 2012, the number of memberships in cooperatives reached one billion globally. What are the advantages of organizing a business as a cooperative? What alternative business models are included in the “cooperative economy”? How might a more cooperative economy benefit citizens of Jefferson County?

Heather Dudley

Robert Yourish of
Sunshine Propane

Panelists will address these and other questions as they explore how a new generation of cooperatives and related businesses might flourish locally. The program is set for Monday, October 20, 7-8:30PM at Quimper Grange, 1219 Corona Street, PT. The suggested donation for this Grange-sponsored event is $5-10. For more information, call Deb Wiese, 360-385-1928.

October is National Cooperative Month. It is an event that is meant to call attention to the fact that, every day, all across America, 120 million
Jacob Talamante
on left with Labor
people are solving problems and enjoying a better life because of their co-ops. People have formed more than 48,000 cooperatives for farming, banking, healthcare, housing, electric and telephone service, grocery retailing, and many other products and services. They trust their cooperatives to help them find solutions. Among Jefferson County cooperatives are membership cooperatives including the Food Coop and Kitsap Credit Union; and worker cooperatives including Port Townsend Shipwright’s Co-op and Sunshine Propane.

October Square Dance and Social

Gabe Strand will be calling squares and related sets on October 11 at the Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social. Skookumband includes Joanne Pontrello (fiddle) and Charles Espey (banjo).

Gabe Strand, from Seattle, calls dances up and down the west coast, from Arcata, CA to Bellingham, WA. This is his 3rd visit to Quimper Grange. Charles Espey and Joanne Pontrello, from Port Townsend, will be playing hardcore old time dance tunes.
Caller Joanne Pontrello

Should be rocking good dance. Dancing starts at 7:30 and goes till 11:00. All ages and experience levels are welcome; all dances are taught. Neither partners nor fancy duds are necessary. Come alone, as a couple, or as a tribe. $5.00 for adults. 16 and under are free. Dancers are encouraged to bring snacks to share with other dances, and a personal water bottle. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 2014 - Elections Coming Soon; Square Dance with John Luna and the Rose Street Ramblers

As we make our way into September and leave summer behind, I am reminded that we are quickly approaching the 2014 officer elections.  Please contact the Quimper Grange if you have an interest in stepping up to a leadership role in our organization.

Caller John Luna
September marks the return of the monthly Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social.  This season our dances will take place on the second Saturday of each month (September through May), beginning on September 13.   Corvallis caller John Luna will be calling squares and related sets; the Rose Street Ramblers will be playing hardcore old time tunes.
The Rose Street Ramblers
 Dancing starts at 7:30.   Admission is a mere $5.00 for adults; 16 and under are free.  All dances are taught; experience not necessary.  Come alone, with a partner, with your family (our dances are family friendly and alcohol free), your neighborhood, or the whole tribe!  If inclined, bring some snacks to share with other dancers.  It is also nice if you bring a personal water bottle!

For more information, call Dave Thielk at 260-385-3308 or visit www.ptcommunitydance.com.  We are also on facebook (Port Townsend Community Dance).  See you there.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Summer Break

There are no Quimper Grange sponsored events scheduled in August

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Contra Dance, "What Cheer? Brigade", "Loyd Family Players", Slack Key Guitar, Chris Yeaton, Adam Werner, May Quimper Grange Sponsored


There is a lot happening at Quimper Grange this summer: dances, dance classes, concerts, art classes, private parties, fundraising events...Here is a sampling of summer fun:

 June 14th Contra Dance from 7:30-10:30 
Many of you may not know that it was George and Jo Yount who contacted the Grange in 1986 about using the hall for dances and arranged to refinish the floor in exchange six months free rent. They have continued monthly dances for 28 years. That's dedication! Nan Evans will be calling the June 14th Contra Dance to the music of the PT Cruisers.

June 22nd at 7:00:  "What Cheer? Brigade" and the "Loyd Family Players" Two brass bands and dancing!
"What Cheer? Brigade", a 19 piece brass band, hails from Rhode Island more about their band is on their website: http://www.whatcheerbrigade.com/
photo by N.Krebill
The "Loyd Family Players", a non-traditional bateria   from Oakland California are touring with "What Cheer? Brigade" their website is: http://www.theloydfamilyplayers.com/ 
Suggested donation for the evening $5-$10

July 11th, 7:30 Slack Key Guitar Concert featuring Chris Yeaton and Adam Werner
$15 in advance $25 at the door. Children under 12 free. Tickets can be purchased at the Food Coop or by credit card on the phone at 808-960-1026


To find out what else will be happening this summer check our calendar by clicking on the "Calendar of Events" tab at the top of the page.

"Searching for True Gold" with Kevin Carr
In May Quimper Grange pulled out the stops and sponsored three events:"Searching for True Gold" a story telling and music event; "Growing Tomatoes in Port Townsend", an educational program; and the last Quimper Grange Square Dance of the season, an affordable social event. When you see that an event is Quimper Grange sponsored this means that has been organized and publicized by member/volunteers and advances our mission to serve the community. If you would like to know more about our goals as a community Grange click on the "About" tab at the top of the page.

Marla Streator