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August 2018, Quimper Grange News: Contra Dance, Hall and Grounds Progress Report, Food Bank Garden Volunteers Needed

August 18, (Sat) 7:30 to 10:30 Contra Dance

Music by Au Contraire, caller Lindsey Dono

Not your ordinary bandAu Contraire includes master ukulele picker Dick Hinshaw; Lori Bernstein on bass; “Chicago Bob” Longmire on harmonica and guitar; George Yount on harmonica and ukulele; and Barbara Dawson on keyboard.

What a treat to have Lindsey Dono back to call our dance this month! Originally from  Massachusetts, she has a lot of dancing in her background.  A favorite caller of the Northwest, her calm and pleasant calling is very understandable, but surprisingly energetic. 

Lindsey will teach a 1/2 lesson at 7:30 so come early if you're a beginner or just for a refresher.

Admission $6
16 and under free     questions? Tinker Cavallaro, (360) 379 2882

Hall and Grounds Progress Report

Perseverance was needed to get the last
kitchen sink installed. Although it was a huge hassle, Grange member, Farren, persevered. The first sink didn't fit and had to be returned, the second sink didn't fit either, the third sink had to be special ordered but arrived damaged so a fourth sink had to be ordered. It arrived after the other plumbing work was done. So the plumber had to come out again to install it. It's in now, thanks Farren!

In addition Farren purchased connectors and got the irrigation system up and running for the berm surrounding the Quimper Grange parking area. The plants are much happier now.

And the 22 new tables Farren ordered for Quimper Grange are now in the hall thanks to Rob Harbour who physically moved them into the hall when they were delivered.

Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden
Volunteer Opportunities

The food bank garden has never look so good or produced more food. But every summer when the garden is producing like mad there are fewer volunteers to help with harvest. If you would be willing to volunteer in the garden contact Jo Yount at 360- 385-0456 or email:

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

July 2018 Quimper Grange News: Contra Dance; Summer Classes; Plumbing, Painting and Floor: We Did it!


July 21st 7:30 -11 Contra Dance
Annie and Channing plus two = "Golden Gems"
The Golden Gems will be playing for this month’s contra. The

Golden Gems include local fiddlers, Channing Showalter and Annie Schermer, and from Bellingham, Clea Taylor on cello and Sam Vogt on guitar/banjo. Guest callers TBA
There will be a 1/2 hour lesson at 7:30 for beginners or those a little rusty.
Admission $6, 16 and under free
For info call or email Tinker @  (360) 379-2882

Watercolor Classes with John Adams

John Adams is a watercolorist and graphic designer whose work is inspired by the environment of the Pacific Northwest. His award winning paintings have been exhibited widely in the Seattle area since 1985. John teaches weekly watercolor classes at Quimper Grange.

Summer Session Schedule:

July 11th through the end of August Classes meet every Wed from 10am to 12:30pm. The cost is $95 for 4 classes or

Drop-in to single classes anytime for $25.

To register contact John at 206-842-3099

For more information:

Projects and Progress at the Old Grange Hall! Thanks Donors!
June has been a crazy busy month: we’ve had all of our plumbing replaced, including bathroom and kitchen sinks; the exterior of the Grange hall has been painted; we’ve refinished the dance floor; and later this week, new tables will arrive. That took a lot of doing! Here are progress photos: 

Bill Dwyer got the small bathroom ready for the plumbers by removing the sink, exposing the pipes and installing marmoleum on the floor.

Brother's plumbing took on replacing our old rotten pipes, a task that several other plumbing companies did not want to take on.
A big thanks to Farren for coordinating the entire plumbing project and dealing with unexpected wierdnesses that cropped up.

This is how bad our pipes were.We are extremely fortunate that no major disaster occurred before we got our pipes replaced. There were two small leaks in our incoming water line, and a leak under the kitchen sink that rotted the bottom of the sink cabinet. We were lucky that that was all.   

Wheelchair friendly bathroom.
Pedestal sink with new faucet. New flooring.

New water heater

We have new sinks and faucets in both bathrooms, and marmoleum on one bathroom floor. 

We also have a yard hydrant (to water the berms), two new exterior faucets and a new sewer cleanout (we did not have one before).

This kitchen sink has already been installed and a one basin sink will soon be installed next to it. 

Roger Smith painted the exterior of the hall including the skirting and trimmed the hall entrance in green.  
For the first time since 2012 we had an outdoor potluck gathering, a precursor to moving the furniture out of the hall for refinishing.
Grange members Rob Harbour and Ben Bishoff did the lion's share of refinishing the dance floor: cleaning then abrading the floor with a buffer as well as applying the first coat of finish. Marla Streator coordinated the floor refinishing effort. Paul Dennison and Joanne Pontrello applied the last two coats. The Grange strategy is to build up the finish so we never get down to bare wood again.
Our beautiful refinished dance floor.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

June 2018 Old Time Jam, Composting Workshops, Contra Dance, In memory of Quimper Grange member Tony Mauhar, Quimper Grange Heros, Hall Improvement Progress

June 6th, 7:00 Old Time Jam 
with Paul Denison
The last Old Time Jam before our July/August summer break will be led Paul Denison who has just moved to Chimacum from Seattle. Paul is  planning to teach Candy Girl, a great tune for working on bowing technique. We'll be starting out in AEAE tuning on fiddles and then switching in to the key of G. So get out your fiddles, banjos and guitars and join us for tunes at Quimper Grange.
There is a suggested donation of $1 or $2 to help pay for hall use. Snacks to share are appreciated. Doors open at 6:45

June 9th, Two Composting Workshops

June 16th, (Sat) 7:30- 11:00  Contra Dance
with the Possum Carvers, Gwen Rousseau calling

The Possum Carvers are: Chris Cooper, guitar; Scott Marckx, fiddle; Jeanie Murphy banjo

Lesson 7:30 to 8:00
Admission $6
16 and under free                                
? Tinker at  (360) 379 2882                                      

In Memory of Tony Mauhar 1950- 2018
Quimper Grange is greatly saddened by the untimely loss of one of our members, Tony Mauhar. Among other things Tony helped us with legal wording in our rental contract and although he was unable to attend recent meetings made a generous donation this past month to help with the cost of refinishing our floor. Thank you Tony, and condolences to your family.

 A BIG "Thank You" Quimper Grange Heroes!
One week after sending out a request for financial help for major projects that are now (or soon will be) in the works, we got an an immediate response from the community. Checks started arriving in the mail to help our hall upgrades along and volunteers have offered their help. Thank you so much to these Quimper Grange heroes:

Michael Felber and Karen Hackenberg
Doug Groenig
Terrapin Architecture
Libby Palmer
Carol Sword
Dan Post
Carol Chandler
Vickie Townsend
Andy Olney
Johanna Perkins 

In addition to the Quimper Grange heroes listed above we must add Sue Thompson. Her offer to donate proceeds from teaching a harmony singing workshop fit right in with one of our goals " to create a vibrant live music and dance community", so it was a double donation. Thank you Sue!

Progress is Being Made!

In order to prepare for the big plumbing replacement project and to make the kitchen and storage room more functional Sheila Long and Farren removed many excess or unused items from cabinets and shelves that ended up in a 2 day garage sale at Farren's house generating a little more moola for Grange projects.

Sheila and Farren showing off the new kitchen appliances they picked out. Good choices gals!

A big thank you! to Len Feldman for cutting out a space for the new refrigerator.

Volunteer extraordinaire, Bill Dwyer, has prepared the small bathroom for the plumbing work that will be done in June. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

May 2018, Old Time Jam, Harmony Singing by Ear, Square Dance, Contra Dance, Call for Volunteers, Big Changes in the Kitchen

May 2nd, 7:00 Old Time Jam 
with Channing Showalter

It’s wonderful to have Channing back in Port Townsend after her several
year sojourn to the East Coast where she and her musical partner Annie started performing as West of Roan. To start off the jam Channing will break down Edden Hammon’s Cumberland Gap in the key of G (standard tuning on fiddles). We'll be playing in G until the break then shift into the key of D.  So get out your fiddles, banjos and guitars and ? and join us for tunes at Quimper Grange.There is a suggested donation of $1 or $2 to help pay for hall use. Snacks to share are appreciated.

May 12th, 1-3 Workshop Benefit for Quimper Grange
Taught by Sue Thompson
Sing Harmony by Ear – the Natural Way 

Do you wish you could sing harmony by ear? Join Sue for a high-energy afternoon of singing, and learn her proven method for harmonizing naturally and intuitively. No note reading, no bogging down in music theory and no need for someone else to teach you your part! You’ll learn how to find harmonies for old time, country, Americana, bluegrass, worship, and many other styles of music. To get the most out of this workshop, you should already be able to sing a melody reasonably in tune. You’re welcome to bring your singing buddies so you can learn and practice together.

Note: if you’re comfortable playing a chording instrument (guitar, ukulele, etc.) while you sing, please bring it with you, as it will be helpful and fun in our breakout sessions!

Sue Thompson is a noted bluegrass and roots-Americana vocalist, and a dedicated teacher whose Sing Harmony Now! method has won praise on three continents. Sue performs and teaches at festivals and workshops in Europe as well as in the US, Canada, and Japan. “Singing harmony by ear, on-the-fly, is one of the greatest joys of making music,” she says. “It’s rewarding to see my students sharing that joy.” 

She has released two harmony singing instruction CDs, "How to Sing Harmony the Natural Way" and "Switch on Your Harmony Autopilot"

Space is limited to 18 people so please sign up in advance by emailing  Please put “Fundraiser” in the subject line. The cost will be a sliding scale of $15-$25 paid at the door.  Sue is donating all proceeds to Quimper Grange. If you sign up in advance and arrive by 12:45 you will be assured of admission.
This workshop will fill up fast so please let us know if you would like to be on the mailing list for future singing classes.
Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona Street.

The Harmony Singing by Ear workshop is now full. If you would like to be on the mailing list for future singing classes send your contact information to and put "singing signup" in the subject line

May 12th, 8:00 Square Dance and Social
(come early and jam with the band at 7:00)

Port Townsend's Ferry Hoppers have just returned to Port Townsend from a Lopez Island square dance adventure and are scheduled to rock Quimper Grange on May 12.  The band includes

Caller Colin Sterling
 Channing Showalter, along with Chimacum favorites Joanne Pontrello , Paul Denison, and Annie Schermer.  The caller is Colin Sterling from Olympia. Colin has called square dances from way up in Conway all they way down to Olympia. I have been wrangling to get Colin to call one of our dances for several years and he is finally on the schedule.  This is the last dance of the season; don't be left out!  Dancing starts at 8PM (dancers can come early and jam with band
at 7 PM) and goes till 11PM.

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $5 if you arrive on bike or foot or bring a non disposable water bottle; $7 for car drivers; 16 and under is free. Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe. Come at 7 and jam with the band. For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.

Tinker Cavallaro 
May 19th, 7:30-11 Contra Dance

Music: "Barrel of Monkeys" Terry Weiner, mandolin, Becky Evasick, fiddle, and Nancy Katz, bass. Calling: Tinker Cavallaro
This newly formed contra dance band has some of the most experienced local musicians around. With over 100 years of playing combined, they invite you to come and join in their fun and love of music by dancing to their tunes!
Lesson 7:30 to 8:00
Come early for the free lesson if you're a beginner or want a refresher.
Admission $6
16 and under free
No need for a partner. Come alone or bring your friends!
Location: 1219 Corona, Port Townsend,

Call for Volunteers
We are aiming to get some big projects done in the next couple of months so if you are willing to put in some time helping out you can email us at 
Some examples of help we'll need: We could use help prepping the dance floor for refinishing, moving topsoil onto the berms, and we're looking for someone who has expertise working with marmoleum that can help lay it in the small bathroom.  

Big Changes In The Kitchen Are On The Way!
We're moving forward on hall upgrades inside and out! Bids and estimates are rolling in for replacing our plumbing and old kitchen appliances and we're gearing up for refinishing the floor, and having the exterior of the Grange hall painted. To start with we've been sorting through cupboards and our storage room, getting rid of unneeded items and assessing what we are lacking. The first two noticeable things that have been done are removing the big yellow double ovens and reconfiguring the awkward passover counter. 
All of the these improvements are going to cost Quimper Grange a lot of money, more than $9,000. So when you get our "Be a Quimper Grange Hero" donor appeal please give generously. If you are not on our email list you can still donate by sending a check to: Quimper Grange
PO Box 1844
Port Townsend, WA98368

Thank you Len Feldman for volunteering to cut back the passover counter top and doing a great job. Now, it's just the way we like it!

Monday, March 26, 2018

April 2018, Grange Month, Old Time Jam, Bobbi Shearn Nikles, The Press Gang Celtic Concert, Square Dance, 2 Contra Dances, Bathroom Remodel, Plant and Seed Exchange, Ducks in the Garden

We who keep the doors open at Quimper Grange are all volunteers. Every event that you see in our monthly newsletter came into being due to volunteer effort: our dances, our educational programs, our "House Concerts", and workshops. In addition Quimper Grange has promoted community service through collaborative efforts such as with Food Bank Farm and Gardens of Jefferson County and the organizers of the annual Plant and Seed Exchange. Volunteers too maintain our community hall and grounds as well as hall rental management. It's April, don't forget to thank a hard working Quimper Granger!   Marla Streator, Quimper Grange president

April 4, 7:00 Old Time Jam 
Due to unforeseen circumstances Pam Johnston and Jim Ketterman will not be able to lead this month's Old Time Jam.
Fortunately for us a fine bay area fiddler, Bobbi Shearn Nikles has just moved to Port Townsend and will be able to fill in for Pam and Jim. She will start by teaching the G tune, Josie Girl, in standard tuning on fiddles and plans to play Old Yeller Dog and go from there.

Suggested donation is $1-$2 
Doors open at 6:45

April 10th 7:00 The Press Gang "House Concert" 
Traditional Irish and Celtic Music from Portland Maine

 "One of those rare bands that are ingenious, driving, thoughtful and yet have great respect for the tradition.”  John Doyle

The Press Gang, a traditional Irish and Celtic four-piece based in Portland, Maine, will be playing a concert at the Quimper Grange, 1219 Corona St., on Tuesday, April 10 from 7 to 9 pm.
The band features Hanz Araki on flute and vocals, Chris “Junior” Stevens on accordion and concertina, Owen Marshall on guitar and bouzouki, Alden Robinson on fiddle.
Award-winning singer and flute player Hanz Araki has been a prominent figure in the Irish music community for more than two decades. He has released 11 albums, and toured internationally. Christian “Junior” Stevens is an influential member of the Irish Traditional Music community, and is an in-demand performer and teacher on concertina and button accordion. Alden Robinson learned the fiddle growing up in coastal Maine, and furthered his education in traditional music at University College, Co. Cork in Ireland. Bouzouki and guitar player Owen Marshall is one of the most highly sought-after accompanist in Irish and Old-Time genres. 
Doors open at 6:30  
Suggested donation at the door is $15 to $20.

More information about the Press Gang, including sound and video clips, is on their website at


April 14, 8-11 Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social with Joanne Pontrello and Wild Phil and the Buffalo Gals

Wild Phil and the Buffalo Gals
Caller Joanne Pontrello
Chimacum Valley’s own Joanne Pontrello will calling squares on April 14th at Quimper Grange. Dancing starts at 8PM (dancers can come early and jam with band at 7 PM) and goes till 11PM. Joanne is bringing her friends and neighbors, Wild Phil and the Buffalo Gals, also Chimacum Valley residents, to rock out dance tunes. Wild Phil includes Becky Evasick, Quenn Charrier, Phil Andrus, Carol Sword and Tom Fenollosa. I don’t think I need to remind all you dancers that these guys have a track record, having played for countless squares and contras around Jefferson County. The October dance represents a delightful opportunity to hear and dance to a fantastic local caller and band.

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $5 if you arrive on bike or foot or bring a non disposable water bottle; $7 for car drivers; 16 and under is free. Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe. Come at 7 and jam with the band. For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.

April 21, Contra Dance 7:30
Sonya Kaufman calling
Music by Countercurrents,  Alex Sturbaum and Brian Lindsey 

Alex plays a driving guitar and Brian a lyrical fiddle adding foot percussion as well.  Together they surprise you with singing tunes and harmonizing. They played for us last year and we're so happy they are returning again! The passion they infuse in the music is contagious and dancers can’t help but get into their groove.
Sonya Kaufman calling
Sonya is an energetic young caller who has been contra dancing for as long as she can remember. Her energy, grace, and warmth shine through in all that she does, and her clear directions will guide you through the trickiest of dances.

Come early for a free lesson 7:30 to 8:00pm
Admission $6
16  and under free
1219 Corona, Port Townsend    ? call Tinker 360-379-2882

April 28, New England Barn Dance 7:30 with Dudley Laufman!

Dudley Laufman renowned  contra dance caller and National Heritage Fellow

There will be a second contra dance in April!  
Special quest caller and musician, Dudley Laufman will be at the Quimper Grange on Saturday, April 28th 7:30 to 10:30. Dudley, a 2009 National Heritage Fellow, poet, caller and musician has been calling for over 60 years and is known throughout New England for his traditional contra dance calling. The band will feature local musicians coming together to bring tunes and rhythms that inspire us to dance. So come on out for a traditional New Hampshire style contra dance!
Admission $6-15 sliding scale
16 and under free 
Experience not necessary and no need to bring a partner!
1219 Corona
Port Townsend, WA
? call Tinker @ (360) 379 2882

Grange Hall Bathroom Remodel

Sheila  painting the remodeled bathroom hallway
Quimper Grange has had plans to remodel the south end of our hall for years and deal with old plumbing and an awkward kitchen. But our Building Maintenance Committee Chair, and vice-president Sheila Long is starting to move ahead in this direction. (Almost all of our active Grange members serve in multiple capacities.) The first "south end" project has been the bathrooms. It is amazing how much can move forward with just one more "can do" volunteer on the Quimper Grange team!

Plant and Seed Exchange, a Big Success!

This year's 7th Annual Plant and Seed Exchange had the biggest turnout ever! Seven years ago this event started out with two tables of seeds and a few plants but has grown to having many tables filled with seeds and gardening reference books inside the hall, and a 20 foot canopy full of potted plants, tubers, seedlings, plant divisions, and you name it, outside the hall. Thanks Ashley Kehl and Jennimae Hilliard for keeping this community sharing event going!

Ducks in the Food Bank Garden - Quack! Quack!

Just ducky
The  Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden has decided to try a new form of slug control, ducks. Through the generosity of Scott Marckx the garden has inherited not only ducks but a duck house! In one afternoon a group of volunteers cleared a space in the garden and moved the duck house to it's present location.
Scott Marckx moving ducks 

As planting season gets rolling the food bank garden is looking for more volunteers. If you would like to contribute to this effort contact Jo Yount: or Emily Stewart:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

March 2018, Old Time Jam, Contra Dance, Square Dance, Plant and Seed Exchange, REDS Band "House Concert" ( Pan-Celtic Music)

Oly Old Time stairwell jam
  March 7th, 7:00 Old Time Jam with Joel Brown
The Quimper Grange Old Time Jam is held on the first Wed of the month and welcomes players of all skill levels.

This month we are fortunate to have Joel Brown leading the jam. He’s a heck of a fine fiddler and plays tunes you just might want to catch. He’ll start by teaching “Laurel Lonesome” (AEAE tuning on fiddles). We’ll play in A for the first half of the evening then, after a social break we’ll play G tunes until time runs out.

To get a taste of Joel’s excellent fiddling you can listen to Cameron DeWhitt’s podcast interview with Joel:

Snacks to share at the break are appreciated. There is a suggested donation of $1 or $2 to cover costs of hall use.

March 10 , 8 PM Square Dance - Dave Thielk, Gabe Strand, Alex Macleod, and Johnny Fitzpatrick 

(come early and jam with the band at 7:00

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing musical instruments and guitar
Gabe Strand
Come on up to the Grange on March 10th at 8 PM and square dance with Dave Thielk and friends.  Dave Thielk, Gabe Strand, Alex Macleod and Johnny Fitzpatrick will be swapping mics and instruments while playing and calling traditional dances from Appalachia and beyond. Dave lives in Port Townsend and is the organizer/producer of the Quimper Grange Square dance. Gabe, Alex, and Johnny, members of the Seattle Subversive Squaredance Society, have been playing and calling in the PNW for many years.  Gabe currently is living on Lopez Island.
Alex Macleod

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. Come alone, with a friend, as a family, or bring the whole tribe.  Experience is not necessary.

Johnny Fitzpatrick
This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $7; 16 and under is free. For anyone bringing their own personal water bottle, or arriving on foot or bicycle, admission is $5.  Let's reduce our impact!  Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe and be prepared to rock out on this holiday weekend.

For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.

March 17, 7:30 to 11:00 Contra Dance
with The Luddite Ramblers, Abigail Hobart calling
Lesson 7:30 to 8:00

The ramblers are Laurel Stone (fiddle), Craig Shaw (flute, fife, whistle) and Jay Finkelstein (guitar).
They magically weave together an infectious dance rhythm, enchanting melody, and rich harmony. “Who would have thought that guitar, flute, and fiddle together could sound like a single propulsive and lyrical dance instrument? The Luddite Ramblers do it.”

We’re happy Abigail Hobart from Bellingham is returning again to call for us again. A relatively new caller, Abigail brings a deep love of the tradition, personal warmth, and joie de vivre to calling and interactions both on and off the dance floor.

Admission $6              16 and under free

questions? call Tinker (360) 379-2882

March 25th, 11-3 Plant and Seed Exchange

The 7th Annual Plant and Seed Exchange will take place March 25th, (Sun) 11-3. This popular event will be held outdoors under canopies and in the Quimper Grange hall. Bring your extra seeds, plant divisions, spare potted plants, trees, bare roots, bulbs, and whatever else needs a new garden to thrive in and take away the plants and seeds you’d like to grow. Books will be on hand to help answer plant and seed questions and Mountain Spirit Herbals will be providing hot tea. Donations help defray costs of the organizers and help maintain and improve the Quimper Grange Hall. For more information call: Ashley Kehl at 360-821-2092

March 31st 7:00 The REDS Band: Celtic Music and then some!

“A performance by the REDS is not to be missed! Tight, focused playing with subtle virtuosity provides great lift and energy, rising from a solid traditional base which makes this band a true rising star in the pan-Celtic scene.”- Cameron Stahl

The REDS, a teen folk band from Olympia, are well on their way toward being among the master musicians of tomorrow. They have already shared the stage with some of their musician heroes: Darol Anger and Rushad Eggleston; Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas; and most recently We Banjo 3. The REDS play a variety of fiddle music genres from Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, Scandinavian, old time and bluegrass. In case you are wondering, their band name is an acronym for their first names. They are made up of two sets of brothers (Dante and Eros – River and Sage) all are multi-instrumentalists. They play a combination of traditional tunes, originals  and popular fiddle compositions and have been featured performers at Oly Old Time, and Bellingham Folk Festivals as well being Young Adult Teachers in Training (YATTs) at Wintergrass. In addition River made a CD at the age of 12 called River's Edge; Dante and Eros released their first CD Beirt, the Gaelic for "twosome" last year.

For a preview of their music visit their facebook page:

Suggested donation $5- 15
Doors open at 6:30

Be sure to catch them on Phil Andres’ KPTZ radio show ”Tossed Salad” on Friday March 30th, 1:00-2:00