Grange History

Introduction to Grange History Archives

The purpose of compiling these glimpses into Grange history is to bring into memory the role this organization has played in the nation, in Washington State and right here in Port Townsend.

Most of the people who use the Quimper Grange hall including members and supporters of Quimper Grange know little or nothing about the Granger movement which fought monopolies, promoted cooperatives, was instrumental in obtaining rural mail delivery, better roads, agricultural education in colleges, and fighting for public power among many other things. This history archive attempts to fill in missing blanks and include topics ranging from the local; such as the story of our present Quimper Grange hall, to the national; such as steps that have been taken by the Grange on local, state and national levels to remedy injustices and improve the lives of farmers.

Local history was gleaned from Quimper Grange minutes that extend back to 1926 as well as from the Jefferson County Historical Society, (primarily the Jefferson County Leader archives). Source material for national and state history came from extensive reading of original texst from the late 1800s and early 1900s and from two history books of more recent vintage: “Washington Grangers Celebrate a Century” by Gus Norwood published by the Washington State Grange in 1988 and: “People Pride and Progress, 125 years of the Grange in America” by David H Howard published by the National Grange in 1992.

This history page is a work in progress. Reorganizing and re-editing to come.

Marla Streator Quimper Grange Historian

Grange History Edition #1 Grange Goal - Improving the Lives of Farmers

Grange History Edition #2 Grange Supports "Better Living through Chemistry" 

Grange History Edition #3 Quimper Grange Meets in Jacob Miller’s “Chicken Coop”…

Grange History Edition #4 Gleanings from Quimper Grange Minutes Pre WWII

Grange History Edition #5 Card Parties Help Keep Quimper Grange Afloat…

Grange History Edition #6 National Grange Early Pioneer in Cooperative Movement

Grange History Edition #7 Granges in Scotland?

Grange History Edition # 8 Farmers Knew What it Meant to be “Railroaded”

Grange History Edition # 9 Rifts are Rife in Early Grange History

Grange History Edition # 10 Founding Members of Quimper Grange Not All Farmers …

Grange History Edition # 11 The Oleomargarine Kerfuffel …or A Hundred Years of Butter Battles

Grange History Edition # 12  Change the Constitution,   Give Women the Right to Vote!

Grange History Edition  #13  Women in the Grange: Greek Goddesses and Efficient Homemakers

Grange History Edition #14  Port Townsend Quarantined! Quimper Grange Meeting Canceled

Grange History Edition #15  Grange Sponsored Income Tax Initiative Passes With 70% of the Vote… in 1932

Grange History Edition #16  Grange Takes on Fight for Public Power…

Grange History Edition #17-1  Eager Beavers Women’s Auxilliary… Your Quimper Grange Historian is Amused  

Grange History Edition #18  Tell us What You Think at Quimper Grange

Grange History Edition #19  The Grange is Singing a Different Song these Days…

Grange History Edition #20  Quimper Grange Almost Folded…Three Times

Grange History Edition #21 The Roller Coaster of Grange Popularity

Grange History Edition #22  Social Networking Among Farmers the Old Way

Grange History Edition #25   The “Sick Committee”, Quimper Grangers Care…

Grange History Edition #26  Montgomery Ward, The Original Grange Supply…

Grange History Edition #27  Two Big Wins for Rural America: Free Delivery of Mail and Parcel Post Service

Grange History Edition #28 Quimper Grange History: A New Beginning in 2009


Grange History Edition #29  Grangers Were “the 99%” of the Late 1800s

Grange History  March 2012  Grange Helps Establish Extension Service

Grange History April 2012 DDT . . .It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Grange History May 2012  Grange Banks?  Really?

May 2012 Grange Bank Note

June 2012 Quimper Grange Votes to Buy Redmen Cemetery-1957

November 2012 Quimper Grange's Short Lived Credit Union