Quimper Grange Fluff Up, Saturday, July 14 10:30am-3:00pm 1219 Corona


The Grange was founded in 1919 and the hall, an old WAC barracks, was moved from Fort Worden to Corona St in 1958. Since then a thousand miles of dance steps have traveled the floor and the walls have bounced the harmonies of traditional music from around the world. Hundreds of families have supped on those plates and the cups overfloweth. You may have come to the hall on a Monday night to learn something about chickens or beets or biochar.

Over the years it has taken many hands to keep this little hall spiffed up and operational even as the patina of use keeps adding character. It is second nature to Grange people to pitch in to clean and fix the hall. It has been their place for potlucks and dances and family reunions and so they help out when a faucet is leaking or the windows need putty.

The Fluff Up Committee invites you and your good friend to come over to the hall on Saturday, July 14 for some cleaning, fixing, tool sharpening and more. Come around 10:30 a.m. and bring your work gloves. We will have coffee, tea, lemonade and food for you. Bring a treat to share if you like. We figure by about mid-afternoon everything will look orderly: hinges oiled, floors washed, cupboards clean, gardens edged and some new friendships started.

It is this sort of effort that keeps the Grange functioning and attractive in its simple sort of way: a local meeting hall for the community.

This building stands up for us because we stand up for it!