Growing and Harvesting Local and Naturalized Herbs of the Pacific Northwest, Monday October 1, 7:30pm Quimper Grange 1219 Corona Street (End of Sheridan)

On Monday, October 1, Quimper Grange will present a talk by Denise Joy, herbalist and owner of Mountain Spirit Herbs.

The Pacific Northwest offers abundant opportunities to grow medicinal herbs. Denise will describe plants that grow in our region, the medicinal properties and uses of each including flowers, berries, leaves, roots and bark and how to make infusions and decoctions from them.

Attendees who want to grow herbs in their own gardens or grow for sale from their farms will learn about planting and harvesting times using the moon phases and the seasons and how to harvest to get the most health benefits of each herb.

Denise Joy is a fourth generation herbalist whose education was begun by her great-grandmother Fanny at age 8. The knowledge she gained through books and self-teaching has been augmented by studying with Auntie Margaret in Hawaii and Loren Cruden in Washington state. She is available for herbal consultations to the community and customers. For 28 years she has owned and operated Mountain Spirit Herbals, a company which specializes in herbal medicine. She makes, grows and wild crafts much of the company’s product. She regularly offers opportunities to local at-risk youth to learn herbal medicine. She has had over 50 apprentices and taught throughout Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. Denise can be contacted through her website:

The program starts at 7:30 pm and is preceded by a potluck dessert/fingerfood social half-hour from 7pm to 7:30pm. Suggested donation: $5-$10. For further information contact: Charlotte Goldman at 385-3455