February 2013 - Looking Ahead, Grafting Program, and Square Dancing

Grange Members and Guests discuss
2013 and beyond!

“Refining the Dream” Potluck Follow-up... 

A little music, a little food, and a lot of conversation made this past Sunday evening potluck a good way to start the gears turning for a new year at Quimper Grange. Suggestions ranged from examining the feasibility of building a commercial kitchen to bringing together young/beginning farmers with old timers to form mentor relationships, share skills and address succession planning of farm land.

Some novel fundraising ideas were put forth, ranging from organizing a St Patrick’s Day ceili to instituting birthday party fundraisers: you invite friends to celebrate your birthday at Quimper Grange and ask them to make a donation in lieu of presents to support hall maintenance and improvements. Clever. Clever.

To those of you who did not attend the potluck, let it be known, it is never too late to put in your two cents. Let us know what you would be willing to help bring into being: events, educational programs, workshops, hall improvements, you name it.

Tree Grafting Basics for the Home Orchard

Quimper Grange will present a talk by professional tree grafter, Tim Kubica on Feb 4th at 7:30 PM. Tim gained his expertise through apprenticeship and on the job training and for more than ten years has been grafting orchards along the Columbia River, from Oregon to Canada. During the off-season he is a landscaper. The past two years his eleven-year-old son Carter has been working with him and hopefully will be able to help his dad demonstrate grafting technique at the Grange. Those who attend this program can expect to learn how to graft a tree branch onto a new host root system and reasons for doing so. Tim’s aim is to give newbie grafters confidence that they can do this themselves. For this reason the apple tree will be used as an example because it is among the easiest trees to graft. Tim will talk about varieties of apples that are suited to our maritime climate and reasons a home orchardist might want to graft several types of apples on one tree.

The program will be at Quimper Grange, 1219 Corona St, Port Townsend. Doors open at 7:00 program starts at 7:30. Suggested donation is $5-$10. Info: Call Marla Streator 385-6924 

The Bristletones Play the Tunes for Caller Amy Carroll

The Bristletones may make your hair stand on end and
your feet run wild!
Seattle caller Amy Carroll will be calling squares on February 16 for the monthly Third Saturday Square Dance and Social.  All ages and experience levels welcome.  This event is a monthly event that is moderately priced ($5.00 for adults; under 16 free).  Amy Carroll has been calling square dances, contra dances and family dances form many years.  She is bringing the Bristletones with her to play old time dance tunes on fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitar.  It is not necessary to come as a couple - singles are welcome and encouraged.  Ditto for whole families as this is a child friendly event.  For more information, check out ptcommunitydance.com or email Dave Thielk at edavidt@gmail.com.