February "Grange Halls of Washington" program, preserving our local granges, square dance, draft horse farming program, new year's eve thank yous

FEB 2nd, (Mon)7:00 “GRANGE HALLS of WASHINGTON, Preservation of Rural and Small Town Community Buildings” 

Quimper Grange and the Jefferson County Historical Society are hosting a talk by historic preservation consultant Holly Taylor in an effort to call attention to the wide assortment of rural community buildings both well cared for and neglected that exist in our state, especially our two local Granges, Quimper #720 and Chimacum #681. 

In an article written for the Washington Trust, Taylor wrote, “One of our state’s cultural treasures, and best-kept preservation secrets, is its remarkable collection of Grange halls.”  While the Grange is often thought of as a Midwestern organization, Washington State has the largest membership in the country and the largest number of Grange halls in active use.   Many halls were purpose-built, but about a third of Washington’s halls were repurposed structures.  Taylor wrote: “adaptive reuse is often regarded as a contemporary urban phenomenon, so it is noteworthy that the National Grange embraced ‘recycling’ of rural community buildings almost 90 years ago.”  The halls were rarely architectural monuments, but they embodied the collective memories and cultural practices of living communities. To view the article in full: http://preservewa.org/FileLibrary/file/Newsletters/2014/2014-3%20July.pdf 
Holly Taylor is from Vashon Island and is a doctoral student at the University of Washington.  She has visited and documented over 200 Grange halls in Washington State.  Her talk will touch on progressive-era history of the Grange and explore preservation issues related to rural and small town community buildings. 
There is a suggested donation of $5-10 to help maintain and improve the Quimper Grange Hall.

Preserving Our Local Granges
Our local Granges have hosted many educational programs related to farming and gardening since they were first established in the early 1900's. Their community halls have been venues of choice for dances and potlucks in addition to a meeting place for Grange members. Many people do not realize that the Grange is not the hall, but is comprised of the dues paying members of the organization who have the responsibility of maintaining the building and grounds. If there are not enough members or if certain crucial offices are not filled the Grange loses its charter and the building and assets of the Grange then become property of the State Grange. Thus one aspect of Grange Hall preservation is community involvement as members, volunteers, renters and donors. 

FEB 14th, 7:30 (Valentines Day)  Square Dance
The February 14 Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social features live music with Airstream Traveler and dance caller Dave
Caller Dave Thielk
Thielk. Come on up to Quimper Grange and celebrate Valentine's Day! Bring a sweetheart if you have one; if not, you just might find a valentine to dance with! Airstream Traveler features Gary Pasco, Carol Hardy, Roger Pick and Libby Reid on fiddle, guitar, concertina and mandolin. Dave Thielk will be calling traditional squares, circles, reels and mixers. Dancing starts at 7:30.

All dances are taught; experience is not necessary. Our dances are family friendly, and open to all ages and experience levels. Partners are not necessary, so come by yourself, with a friend, with your family, or the whole tribe. Dancers are encouraged to bring their own personal water bottle, and snacks to share with other dancers if inclined. Quimper Grange, 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. $5.00 adults; 16 and under free. For more information, see www.ptcommunitydance.com or call Dave Thielk 360-301-6005.

And Much More... 
Also at Quimper Grange: Contra dances, Cajun/ Zydeco dances and dance classes as well as a variety of other events. Check our calendar (at the top of the page) and click on the event for details.

Draft Horse Farming Program: a Glimpse Into the Future?
Our January program drew a big crowd: farmers, horse people, and seekers of alternatives to using fossil fuels for power. Caitlin Arnold and Brandon Wickes showed stunning slides of their experiences as draft horse interns in Canada this past year as well as from a draft horse and draft horse farming equipment event called "Horse Progress Days". Thank You Caitlin and Brandon!

Thanks for Making Our New Year's Eve Fundraiser a Success

Community support is what gives Quimper Grange the energy to do all the things people associate with the warm and friendly building at the north end of Sheridan Street: excellent educational programs, well attended dances, a highly productive Food Bank Garden, and an unpretentious rental space. Every year at our fundraiser dance that support is palpable. There are many to thank for their contributions to making our annual fundraiser dance a success. So here are thank yous in no particular order: Thank you: Dave Thielk for organizing, publicizing and calling dances; community businesses for donating refreshments: Mt Townsend Creamery, Pan d'Amore, the Food Co-op, Safeway, QFC ; musicians in Susannah Gals: Llory Wilson, Carol Sword, Becky Burton, and Carol Hardy; musicians in Airstream Traveler: Gary Pascoe, Katya Kirsch, Roger Pick and Carol Hardy (who played guitar in both bands). Thank you Jo Yount for calling, and helping with refreshments, Dick Johnson,who took donations at the door; Farren for helping decorate and contributing beaucoup pulled pork; to Marla Streator for soliciting donations, organizing the  "midnight" Martinelli's toast, and decorating; and last but not least, to dancers and non-dancers whose donations will help us make the next improvements to Quimper Grange!