April 2016: Grange Month, Community Game Night, Old Time Music Jam, Square Dance, Scandinavian Music Workshop,Contra Dance, Quebecois events, Plant and Seed Exchange

April is Grange Month
To celebrate Grange Month this year we would like to call attention to the collaboration between Food Bank Farm and Gardens of Jefferson County and Quimper Grange. Evolving from its early weedy beginnings our most industrious Grange member, Jo Yount, started gardening for the Food Bank with very little help until the initiation of the present collaboration and influx of volunteers.  Last year the Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden produced over 2,500 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables and added a hoop house to extend the growing season. This year a better deer fence is being installed and preparation is being made to add another hoop house. Volunteers gain a great deal of satisfaction knowing that their efforts are making a difference. If you would like to volunteer on an ongoing basis or be notified for work parties contact Jo at 385-0456.

April 4th (Mon) 7:00-8:30 p.m. Community Game Night
Quimper Grange is holding its second Game Night on Monday April 4th from 7:00-8:30 p.m. All ages welcome.  Participants are welcome to bring their own games and a variety of small and large group board games and card games will be provided. Suggested donation of $5 for adults and $3 for children.  Childcare will be provided for game playing age kids.  Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona St. in Port Townsend.

April 6th (Wed) 7:00 Old Time Music Jam

Our first Wednesday Old Time Jam will be led by Seattle-ites, Al Hart and his Wildcats. The tune that will be taught is Snake Chapman's Pretty Little Widow and the evening's tunes will be played in the keys of G and A. Accompanying Al on banjo will be his wife, Debbie Spiegelman and on guitar, Sheila Long. Al, Deb and Sheila have been playing together for years. Al is not only an inspiring Old Time musician but an outstanding banjo builder and recording artist.
The Old Time jam is participatory (you need to bring an instrument), friendly and fun!
We encourage a donation of few dollars to help defray costs. 

April 9th Square Dance with Lisa McAvoy and the Hi-O Revelers 8:00

Chantereller Hunter and
Square Dance Caller
Lisa McAvoy
The Hi-O Revelers
Bellingham square dance caller Lisa McAvoy will grace Quimper Grange on April 9th, along with the Hi-O revelers from Seattle. This is Lisa's first dance at the Grange, but rumor has it when Lisa is calling it is hard to tell who is having more fun, the dancers or her! The Hi-O Revelers are Devin Champlin and Katy Harris currently out of Seattle. They play old time music with a good mix of fiddle breakdowns, mandolin rags, guitar blues and singing duets. Both Devin and Katy draw heavy inspiration from early recordings, as well as learning from the great living musicians they are fortunate enough to learn from and play with. Not a slicked up, modern take on an old thing, nor an archival reproduction, this is two people playing music they absolutely love with a passion. They are equally at home playing a square dance, for a honky tonk, on a festival stage, or sitting on a cooler in a field. For this dance, they will be joined by Levi Danner on bass, and Andy Rick on banjo and steel, both of Bellingham.

Rustle up some dancing accomplices and come on down to the Grange, or just show up on your own! Partners are not necessary. All dances taught, all ages and experience levels are welcome. Dancing starts at 8:00. Come at 7 to jam with the band. For more info call Dave Thielk at 360-301-6005.

April 16th (Sat) 11:00-1:00 Scandinavian Folk Dance Music Workshop and Jam

Internationally known musicians and instructors, Jeff and Jane Anderson will introduce and you will play traditional Scandinavian schottische, waltz, mazurka, hambo, polka, polskas, pols, snoa, and more.   
Bring your fiddle, guitar, mandolin, accordion, harmonica, ukulele, acoustic instruments as well as a recording device. CDs will be available for purchase as well.   
Non musicians are welcome.   Enjoy wonderful Scandinavian music.  
Suggested Donation… $10 - $15

Students….   $5  Contact Person:   George Yount, 360-385-0456

April 16th (Sat) 7:30 Contra Dance: Tinker Cavallaro Calling to  music of Au Contraire

 Need fiddles for the dance?  Au contraire. Dance to traditional Contra Dance tunes which have been morphed into a swing spirit with dance-able improvisations. Au Contraire members include master uke picker Dick Hinshaw; Steven Urbanc on bass; "Chicago Bob Longmire on harmonica and guitar: and George Yount on harmonica and ukulele. Tinker Cavallaro calls dances to fit your dancing skills.  Bring a partner or find one at the hall.  There will be plenty of partners to go around.
6:30 to 7:25 come for music jamming or listening. Dancing will start at 7:30 and end about 10:30. $6.00 fee, free for those 16 and under.  

Quebecois Workshop and Concert: 
Yet Another Great Music Experience at Quimper Grange!

The Quebecois music workshop with Lisa Orenstein, Andre Marchand and Normand Miron was well attended. attendees learned a medley of three Quebecois tunes.

Our February "house concert" featured Le Bruit Court Dans La Ville. The band, consisting of Lisa Ornstein, Normand Miron, and AndrĂ© Marchand are legends of Quebec’s traditional music scene. Between the three of them they have been on the roster of virtually every ground-breaking band over the past 30 years. Their performance was a fine listening experience for all.

 Scenes From This Year's Plant and Seed Exchange 

The 5th Annual Plant and Seed Exchange was held on the first day of spring this year and the weather was perfect, not hot enough to wilt plants and not shivery cold. This free event draws more participants each year.  Some people cannot quite imagine that the plants, seeds, tubers and even trees are not for sale, they are free. That is the beauty of this event. A great community sharing. This year the organizers, Ashley Kehl and Jennimae Hilliard enticed their friends to come play music in the Grange hall while people perused the seeds and sipped tea.