September 2018 Quimper Grange News: Old Time Jam, Square Dance on Union Wharf, Contra Dance, Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore Concert, PT's New Bicycle Lanes, Hall and Grounds Improvements, Food Bank Garden

September 5, 7:00 (Wed) Old Time Jam 
with Pam Johnston and Jim Ketterman

After our summer hiatus the Old Time Jam returns! Pam Johnston and Jim Ketterman will lead the jam and focus on West Virginia tunes played in the keys of G and D (standard tuning on fiddles).  If you have not participated in our jam before it is geared to Old Time string band music. Jam leaders pick all of the tunes so if you are a beginner or shy player you will not be put on the spot to lead a tune. So get out your instruments and join us for a couple of hours of playing tunes with the local Old Time community.

Doors open at 6:45  Suggested donation $1or $2 to help to help pay for use of the Quimper Grange hall. 
questions? call Marla 360-385-6924

September 8th, (Sat) 8:00 Square Dance at Union Wharf

Union Wharf
Time to start the fall Quimper Grange Square Dance season! We are starting off the season with a dance on September 8 on Union Wharf! Come downtown and join with Dave Thielk and Chimacum’s own High Waisted Ramblers on Wooden Boat weekend and dance under the stars! We will dance through the sunset, under the stars and moon.
Union Wharf

Dave Thielk calls dances locally, as well as far afield. He calls traditional Appalachian squares and related dance forms, including reels, mixers, and circles. Dave has a smooth relaxed style and promises to engage beginning as well as advanced dancers. The High Waisted Ramblers features
Fiddler Joanne Pontrello
Joanne Pontrello and friends from Chimacum Valley. The High Waisted Ramblers play old time dance tunes and have performed at the Seattle Folk Life Festival and Dare to be Square among other many. We might even get them to play a Cajun waltz or two. 
Caller Dave Thielk

All dances are taught; no experience is necessary. All ages are welcome. This event is free (with a tip jar for the band). The event starts at 8 PM and will end when the dancers have all gone home! Dancers are encouraged to walk, ride a bicycle or take transit to get to the downtown. Bring your own water bottle.

September 15th, (Sat) Contra/ Ceilidh Dance 

The Bobcats playing, Trevor Monson Calling
7:30 to 11:00PM

Bobbi Nikles
Nancy Katz
Sue Thompson
We will be hosting British caller Trevor Monson for our Contra/Ceilidh dance. 
Known for his English Country Dance calling, he is here in the US on a dance tour.  He loves to call contras as well and it is guaranteed to be a great evening.  Star musicians Bobbi Nikles (fiddle) Nancy Katz (bass) and Sue Thompson(guitar) will be there to pluck, strum and bow their strings into beautiful rhythmic tunes for the dance.   This is a one of a kind dance bringing together much talent and knowledge.  Trevor Monson, the caller has many years of study and experience and the musicians too are all veterans of this music.  You won't want to miss this dance!  

Come early for a lesson 7:30 to 8:00PM
Admission $6 
16 and under free

if you have questions call Tinker @ (360) 379 2882 

September 23rd, (Sun)7:00 Quimper Grange House Concert 

Mollie O' Brien and Rich Moore 

Mollie O'Brien and her husband, guitarist Rich Moore, have for nearly 30 years quietly made it their mission to find, mine and reinvent other artists' songs. They are geniuses at the craft of interpretation in the way that great singers, since the beginning of popular American music, have made the songs of their era their own. As songwriters they add their own tunes to the canon of American roots music they inhabit and show us they’re completely at home with their musical selves. Grammy winner Mollie has long been known as a singer who doesn’t recognize a lot of musical boundaries, and audiences love her fluid ability to make herself at home in any genre while never sacrificing the essence of the song she tackles. She is a singer at the very top of her game who’s not afraid to take risks both vocally and in the material she chooses. Rich, while known to produce some of the funniest onstage running commentary, is also a powerhouse guitar player who can keep up with O’Brien’s twists and turns from blues to traditional folk to jazz to rock and roll. He creates a band with just his guitar and, as a result, theirs is an equal partnership. Their latest release is Love Runner on Remington Road Records.

Suggested donation $15 to $20 
Doors open at 6:30

Update: Tentative date  Oct 15, 7:00-8:30
Understanding Our New Bicycle Lanes panel discussion

Drivers and bicycle riders alike have questions about the meaning of Port Townsend's new bicycle lane markings, how to navigate them and their legal implications. Fortunately, Quimper Grange member Dave Thielk, a former member of the Non-Motorized Transportation Advisory Board and now president of the Recyclery board is willing to put together a panel to help the public understand aspects of our new bicycle lanes. 

Grange Hall and Grounds Latest Improvements 

We've been on a roll since March making improvements to the Quimper Grange hall and grounds. The latest improvements have been extending the kitchen counter to cover the water heater, thanks to Len Feldman; and putting the berm watering system on timers, thanks Farren!

Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden - Summer Harvest
and volunteer opportunities

If you are passing by Quimper Grange during the day you've probably seen someone working in the garden and it's very likely that it is Quimper Grange member, Jo Yount. Jo has put in untold hours growing organic food for the food bank. Now that it is summer there are lots of tomatoes in the greenhouse tended by Steven Cade. Here's Jo with the Saturday food bank harvest.

Food Bank Farm and Gardens of Jefferson is always looking for volunteers at their various locations. If you would like to help email