December 2018 Quimper Grange News: Old Time Jam, Square Dance, Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms Concert, Contra Dance, Grange Elections, Excellence in Service Award, Chairs, First Annual Instrument Sale, More Hall Improvements, Food Bank Garden Report

Dec 5h, 7:00 Old Time Jam
led by Becky Evasick
Becky Evasick may have fiddled for more Quimper Grange square
and contra dances than any other player and has a passel of great tunes to play. This month her focus will be on the tunes of Ernie Carpenter, mostly in the key of A, (AEAE tuning on fiddles). However we will start out by learning John Dyke's Huckleberry Blues in the key of C. 
Cookies or other snacks share are appreciated. Suggested donation of $1-2 helps pay for use of the hall. Doors open at 6:45 

December 8, 8 PM, Joanna Stodden and the Willow Street Ramblers play the Quimper Grange Square Dance

Caller Joanna Stodden
The Willow Street Ramblers
The December 8 Quimper Grange Square Dance (at 8 PM) features Joanna Stodden calling squares and related forms with the Willow Street Ramblers knocking out the dance tunes.   Joanna is a well known Seattle square dance caller, but this is her first caller appearance at a Quimper Grange square dance. The Willow Street Ramblers include Becky Evasick on fiddle, Dave Thielk on banjo, and Carol Hardy on guitar. The Ramblers are guaranteed to knock your socks off.

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $5 if you arrive on bike or foot or bring a non disposable water bottle; $7 for car drivers; 16 and under is free. Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe. Come at 7 and jam with the band. For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.

Dec 11th, 7:00 Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms Duo
Original Songs, Old Time Country Duets, and American Fiddle Tunes

Caleb Klauder and and Reeb Willms have graced the stage at Centrum’s Fiddle Tunes Festival and at Voiceworks singing exquisite harmonies and playing strong, tasteful instrumentals.  Caleb has penned over 50 songs many of which are standards across America in honky-tonk and bluegrass jams. He has been touring nationally and internationally for over twenty years and is a founding member of the Foghorn string band. Reeb joined Foghorn in 2011. Presently Caleb and Reeb are touring as a duo, promoting their albums, Innocent Road. featuring six of Caleb’s original songs as well as their first duo CD, Oh Do You Remember recorded in 2013, a collection of close harmony gems.
Doors open at 6:30 Suggested donation $15-$20
Here is the title track of Innocent Road. Played at the KBOO Pickathon sessions:

Dec 15th, 7:30-11:00 Contra Dance

Caller: Tinker Cavallaro
Music: Local band "Steelhead" Dave Thielk on fiddle; Katya Kirsch on banjo; Roger Pick, concertina; and Carol Hardy on guitar.
Come early at 7:30 for the free 1/2 lesson if you are new to contras or want a little refresher.
Admission $6
16 and under free
Call Tinker (360)379 2882

New Officers for Quimper Grange in 2019

In November we held Quimper Grange elections. The Results?
President-Sheila Long
Vice president- Farren
Corresponding secretary- Marla Streator
Recording secretary-Janeann Twelker 
Treasurer - Johanna Perkins
Executive Committee: 
through 2019- Janeanne Twelker 
through 2020- Bill Dwyer
through 2021-Rob Harbour

Marla Anne Streator Excellence in Service Award

In November the first ever Marla Anne Streator Excellence in Service Award was presented to the outgoing president of Quimper Grange. This honor was bestowed not only for her service as president of Quimper Grange for the past 6 years but for the many other roles she plays that keep Quimper Grange rolling. Among her contributions Marla puts together the monthly Quimper Grange News; serves on the Grounds Committee; the Building Maintenance Committee; and is an Outreach Committee of one. She initiated "Quimper Grange House Concerts" with the help of Chris Cooper and she organizes the Quimper Grange Old Time Jam.  

First (Annual?) Instrument Sale, Lots to Choose From

Jere Canote and his instruments
The instrument sale in November brought together vendors with a wide variety of instruments to sell; new ones, used ones,  easily recognizable ones and highly unusual one. This first ever event was the organized by Grange members Sheila Long and Farren.  

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!

The chair  sorters and movers: Sheila Long, Jim Fritz, Jo Yount, Al Latham, Farren
Thank to Chimacum Grange members
Al Latham and Jim Fritz we now have more and better chairs. And thanks to the Quimper Grangers who sorted them, moved them and cleaned  upholstery.

The Latest Hall Improvements

The small bathroom got a new coat of paint, paper towel and TP dispensers, mirror and grab bar thanks to Building Maintenance Chair, Sheila Long. What an improvement! But that's not all, for better visibility at night, we have two new sensor lights shining in the parking area installed by Steve Wilson. And, Sheila and Farren worked on critter proofing our crawlspace. 

Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden's 
Record Breaking Harvest

Once again Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden has increased the amount of organic produce it is providing to our local food bank. By November crops harvested were up to an amazing 2,879.25 pounds this year, and even as the gardening year is winding down the garden is still delivering about 60 pounds a week! Quimper Grange has supported Food Bank Farm and Gardens of Jefferson County from it's inception by providing land for growing crops and water to irrigate them. Two of our Grange members are the backbone of this feat of altruism, Jo Yount and Kathy Ryan. Kudos to you and your fellow gardeners!

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