February 2021

  Hello all!

We hope to start having seed and plant information in our newsletters, thanks to Barbara Tusting, a Grange member and co-organizer of our Quimper Food Bank Garden.

The end of January - beginning of February are great times to start the following plants indoors to transplant outside when danger of frost is over:
Arugula  Kale  Leeks  Onions  Chives  Lavender  Lemon Balm   Mint Rosemary  Sage   Thyme

You can find seeds for most of these at our local garden centers; some will place an order for you if they aren't on the shelves.

Quimper Food Bank Garden was the lucky recipient of “a day ON, not a day off,” on Martin Luther King Day from not one, but TWO AmeriCorps volunteers on loan from Fort Worden State Park. Anna and Nate worked tirelessly all day digging a trench around the exterior of the garden fence, and installing chicken wire which repaired many holes and will protect the fencing from enthusiastic weed whacking and garden bunnies. Kudos to the AmeriCorps program for all they do for others!

One of the 3 ventilation fans are installed, all should be done by the end of February!  We are also having the wiring upgraded in outlets - the grounding wasn't right!  We should be ready to open in March if such things are allowed :). Thanks again to The Jefferson Foundation for giving us a grant to make this happen.  We wouldn't be able to open without their generous support.

  Thank you for the donations that have been coming in - they really help! If you wish to help as well, please mail checks/money orders to Quimper Grange 1219 Corona St PT WA 98368. We have a locking mailbox, so it is secure.

  May you all stay safe and healthy. Here's to gathering again when it is safe to do so! 

 Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President