May 2021

 Happy Spring Weather!

 Our ventilation system is installed, and we are ready to start a slow opening! All events will need to be COVID-mindful (masks, handwashing, small crowds). There is an additional $30 COVID cleaning fee for rentals until such time as that can be relaxed.

We are looking for new members - help how you want/can! Maintenance, gardening, programs and events, someone who can deal with Google docs, Facebook, websites, future vision,...  all are needed and welcome :)  Membership forms are on our website ( and in the Grange.

For gardening in April, Barbara Tusting sent this:
Time to weed, mulch and water!
Planting time for potatoes, beets, turnips, kohlrabi, and spinach.

The Food Bank Farm and Gardens fundraiser brought in over $2000!  Thanks to all who made this possible.

Thank you for the donations that have been coming in - they really help! If you wish to help as well, please mail checks/money orders to Quimper Grange 1219 Corona St PT WA 98368. We have a locking mailbox, so it is secure.

Here's to small gatherings!
Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President