August 2021

                                            Happy Summer!
Amazing to see people and hear live music again, and you can do that at our Grange.

The Sequim Prairie Grange All Grange Dessert and Quilt auction on July 17th was a huge success.  Thanks so much to Sequim and the other attending Granges. There were 143 desserts and 5 quilts auctioned off!

 Balkan Dance Party 2nd and 4th Fridays, 7-9pm, $5. You must bring proof of being fully vaccinated, and send a reservation (limited attendance) to .  Walk-thrus and teaching included. Masks optional - possible thanks to our stellar ventilation system. Thanks Jefferson Community Foundation for a grant for the bulk of the cost!!!

Next month we will be starting our concerts - the first a Tango Dance/Concert with music by Bertram Levy and friends. Come listen, dance, watch! More details in September.

Our Food Bank Garden and the wonderful volunteers are sending lots of organic produce to our Food Bank. Contact Barbara Tusting if you'd like to get involved -

Rentals available! All events will need to be COVID-mindful. 

We have renewed our commitment with the Red Cross to be an information center in case of area emergencies.  Another way we try to support our community!

Donations are most welcome. If you wish to help as well, please mail checks/money orders to Quimper Grange 1219 Corona St PT WA 98368. We have a locking mailbox, so it is secure.

Somewhat back to our lives!  Hooray!
Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President