JULY 2013

At our last business meeting members of Quimper Grange voted to endorse Initiative 522 requiring labeling of GE (genetically engineered) foods.  Our endorsement is in alignment with our Grange’s vision: To create a resilient community and to serve, grow, influence and lead—recognizing our dependence on each other and on the interconnected web of life.

Making cob was hands on at Quimper Grange‘s June 3rd program when Rachel Williams and Micah Van Lelyveld spoke about natural building and about their fledgling organization, Rain S shadow Natural Building Guild.  They pointed out that about two thirds of the world’s population live in some kind of natural building; wattle and daub, rammed earth, cob, and straw bale for example.  At present obtaining permits for building alternative structures is an obstacle. There is a need to establish safety standards and R-values of building materials in order to change present building code. This will be one of the goals of Rain Shadow Natural Builder’s Guild.  This summer the guild is partnering with Cedar Root Folk School for a round pole timber framing workshop. For more information about upcoming natural building happenings visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/NONBG or email them at: rainshadownaturalbuilders@gmail.com
Marla Streator

Quimper Grange Outreach at Farmer's Market

Quimper Grange President Marla Streator talks to farmer's market attendees about Quimper Grange and encourages them to become active members. Active members can vote, can help craft resolutions, and can help in determining how we serve the community and direct our actions for mutual benefit.

Our New Breaker Box: Ta da...

To those who come to Quimper Grange programs, rent the hall, or make donations to Quimper Grange you have helped make it possible to replace our ancient breaker box. We thank you!
It is money from your contributions that make it possible to improve and keep our much used Grange hall in good repair.