November 2013 - Mushrooms Biochar: Howard Sprouse, Elections, Square Dance: "Onlies" Tony Mates Calling, Labor of Love Event

Nov 16th 7:30 PM 
Quimper Grange Square Dance

Caller Tony Mates
Tony Mates, founding member of the Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society, will be calling squares at Quimper Grange on Saturday, November 16 from 7:30 to 11:00. Tony has been calling dances and teaching dance calling for at least 3 decades and has been calling in Port Townsend for at least twenty years. The Onlies are returning to Quimper Grange for the third time and are one of the rockin’est
The Onlies
dance bands in western Washington.

All dances are taught, all experience levels and ages are welcome. Partners not necessary. Dancing workshop for beginners at 7:30; dancing starts at 8:00. Dancers are encouraged to bring snacks to share with other dancers. Adults $5.00; youth under 16 free.

Nov 16-17th "Labor of Love" 
a Labor Leaders Event

This year Quimper Grange has established a mutually beneficial relationship with the local mentoring non profit "Labor Leaders". They have donated time and expertise helping our Grange Garden manager Jo Yount by building wood chip pathways, installing a new gate and lots of weeding. We have recently hired them to do work under the Grange hall which included clearing out debris and soon they will be installing a vapor barrier.

On November 16th and 17th  they will be having their first annual "Labor of Love" event. The event aims to provide services for those in need – free of charge. Labor Leaders crew will be organizing volunteers and be working at various locations in Port Townsend providing services such as trash clean up, dump runs, pruning, as well as many small odd jobs. The amount of interest shown will determine how many people  can be helped.
Volunteers will gather at the Labor Leaders Shop (1531 W. Sims Way) 8am.
 Contact labor Leaders for more information about how you can get involved, or if you know someone who may need help.

For more information contact:
Jacob Talamante
(360) 774-0469

Nov 4th, 7:30
 “Mushrooms, Biochar and Cleaning Our Environment: Wild Crafting Sustainable Natural Technologies on the Olympic Peninsula”

Marla Streator

NOV 11th, 7:00

Some of our active members: from the left: Dave Thielk, O'Neill Louchard, Deb Weise, Marla Streator, George Yount
Quimper Grange officers and members are what make our wonderful Grange hall a hub of community activity. Behind the scenes this small cadre of dedicated volunteers take care of Grange business like maintaining the hall and grounds and paying taxes and utility bills. They also think up and publicize the fun stuff: educational programs and workshops, growing vegetables for the food bank, and organizing our popular square dances. We encourage those of you who attend events at our hall to become active (voting) members of our Grange and help create the direction we take in 2014. 
Marla Streator
Quimper Grange President 

October's Square Dance Huge Hit!
It isn't often that dances get rave reviews like we got from this month's dance caller.  T-Claw travels the country calling square dances and says ours is one of the four best revival square dances in country and that the the Skookum band is one of the three best dance bands he has called for. A good time was had by all.
Congratulations Dave Thielk for doing such a great job organizing and promoting these dances.

Fire, But No Damage to the Grange Hall...
Those who attended our October 7th program watched a short DVD on fire extinguisher use then went outside and practiced putting out a fire under the supervision of Steve Brunette of Tarboo Ridge Extinguishers. People felt more confident that they would know what to do if there were need to put out a fire.