December 2013 - Square Dance, New Year's Eve Fundraiser Dance, Message From the President, Onlies, Howard Sprouse, election results


In the past few years, Quimper Grange leadership has completed an upgrade on the main electrical box, a new roof, a floor refinishing, and repairs and maintenance in the crawl space. At times it seems as if our maintenance needs are endless. We need to upgrade bathrooms and the kitchen! Please help support hall maintenance and come dance at our Annual Fundraiser Square Dance on December 31. Drop in for one dance, or stay and dance all night. Squares and contras will be called from 8:00 till midnight. Live music will be provided by the Rose Street Ramblers with special guest Katya Kirsch from (8-10), and other local musicians (10-Midnight). Dave Thielk will be calling and he can't wait! For more info, contact Dave Thielk 360-385-3308.

December 21st Square Dance:

Caller Charmaine Slaven will host the December 21 Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social. This is Charmaine's second
Caller Charmaine Slaven
calling gig at Quimper Grange! Charmaine, the guitar player in the Tall Boys (of Seattle), is also a buckdancer, singer, and of course caller extraordinaire! And Charmaine is a founding member of the Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society and has been a driving force in the twice monthly square dance at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Live music will be played by local old time string band The Willow StWeet Women. The band includes fiddler Becky Evasick, banjo player Katya Kirsch, guitar player Carol Hardy, and upright bass player Lori Bernstein. Collectively, these players have over 60 years of playing for dances, from Colorado to Alaska. 

Dancing commences at 7:30. All dances taught, partners are optional. All experience levels and ages are welcome and encouraged. Dancers are encouraged to bring snacks to share and their own personal water bottle. Adults (still) are $5.00; 16 and under free. 1219 Corona Avenue, Port Townsend. For additional information, see or call Dave Thielk at 360-385-3308.


There were no butterfly ballots or vote recounts at our November elections. Our newly elected 2014 officers are:

President - Marla Streator
Vice President - Jenifer Taylor
Secretary - Deb Wiese
Treasurer - Francesco Tortorici
Executive Committee - Jacob Talamante

And a fine team it is!


    “Onward and upward!” has been the theme for Quimper Grange in 2013 and we have excelled both in moving upward and onward: we addressed deferred maintenance and safety issues at our hall; formed beneficial relationships with other organizations; improved the garden; and built community through dance and educational programs. You can scroll through the pages on this website to see what we’ve achieved this year.
    As 2013 draws to a close I would like to thank our program presenters, our renters, and our donors, as well as everyone who attends events at our hall for the parts you have played in giving vitality and financial stability to our local Grange. I would also like to thank the core members and officers who have shown up at our monthly meetings and contributed time, ideas and expertise to help us move toward a sustainable future.
     The new year is just around the corner so here is something to consider. Quimper Grange, like all Granges, is not run by a board of directors but by those members who show up at meetings. A quorum of eight people are required in order for us to conduct business and we often squeak by with just that bare minimum. For this reason we encourage you to join our Grange and help us make decisions related to policy and possibilities, to help create and publicize interesting programs, and to help to us maintain and improve our hall and grounds. Quimper Grange meets the second Monday of the month from 7:00 to 8:30. Hope to see you there,
Marla Streator


The Grange hall was buzzing with conversation before Howard Sprouse began his presentation about cleaning the environment using fungi and biochar; contact information was  exchanged and people talked about projects they were involved in that might benefit from using these techniques. Howard gave a power point presentation to illustrate how nature can help clean soil and water  followed by a Q and A. After the program ended conversations continued as the chairs were being moved and floor was being swept.