April 2014: Plant and Seed Exchange, Square Dance, More Events on Calendar, Food Bank Gardens at Quimper Grange

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   1. Plant and Seed Exchange
   2. Square Dance
   3. More events on Quimper Grange Calendar
   4. Grange Garden/Food Bank Gardens

April 12th (Sat), 11am-3pm 

The Third Annual Plant and Seed Exchange will take place outdoors under canopies and in the Quimper Grange hall. Bring your extra seeds, plant divisions, spare potted plants, bare roots, bulbs, trees and whatever else needs a new garden to thrive in. There will be many books on hand to help answer plant and seed questions and Mountain Spirit Herbals will be providing hot tea.  To help support Quimper Grange and to help defray the costs of organizing this event donations will be greatly appreciated.

Pictures from last year's Plant and Seed Exchange

This event is organized by Ashley Kehl and his partner Jenniemae Hillyard who share a love of seed saving, trading with friends and preserving food. Ashley's father, Michael Pilarski hosted a plant and seed exchange in the Okanagan for many years and was a primary inspiration for starting  this one in Port Townsend.
Tip: bring something to carry your plants in. Hope to see you there!
For more information call: Ashley Kehl at 360-821-2092 .

On April 19th, Olympia caller Anne Marie Schaefer will be squaring the sets with the duo Cobbler (Jesse Partridge and Jay Finkelstein) rocking the tunes out. Jesse and Jay came last year in
April, and rocked the house with some mighty fine dance music. Jesse and Jay, also from Olympia, play for squares and contras all around western Washington.

Dancing starts at 7:30. All dances taught, experience is not necessary, all ages appreciated, and family friendly. 
Caller Anne Marie Schaefer
Dancers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and snacks to share with other dancers. 1219 Corona, Port Townsend. Adults $5.00; 16 and under free. 
Come as you are. Partners are not necessary. See info at the right for admission costs. Dancers are encouraged to bring their own personal water bottle, and snacks to share. Hope to see you there.

QUIMPER GRANGE CALENDAR: MORE CLASSES, DANCES AND COMMUNITY EVENTS   To find out about them click on "Calendar of Events" at the top of the page. Click on the event for details. Also if you would like to rent the Grange hall this is where you can check for availability.

Quimper Grange has been growing vegetables for the Food Bank for the past five years and the amount of food donated has increased year by year. Starting as a community garden there are now two gardening efforts taking place simultaneously within the deer fenced area west of the Grange hall: the southern part is being managed by Jo Yount for Quimper Grange and the northern part is being managed by Emily Vagts for Port Townsend Food Bank Gardens, an organization that is in the process of getting its 501c3 status. 

First Food Bank Garden Work Party of the year
You may have read our March 5th appeal in Port Townsend Leader for contributions to help pay for the cost of garden needs and we wish to thank all who have so generously responded.  So far top soil has been brought in, new beds have been build and wood chips cover the walkways.