May 2014: 1) Kevin Carr "House Concert"; 2) Dick Schneider: Tomato Program; 3) Square Dance; 4) Check Our Calendar 5) Plant and Seed Exchange Followup

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May 11th, (Mother's Day) 7:00
Fiddle Tunes Favorite, Kevin Carr, Brings "Searching For True Gold" to Quimper Grange

Fiddler, piper, and storyteller Kevin Carr will be in Port Townsend with a one man story telling and music performance called "Searching for True Gold" on Mother’s Day, May 11th, 7:00. Kevin has graced the stage at Centrum’s Festival of American Fiddle Tunes for many years and has played with groups such as “The Hillbillies From Mars”, “Les Tetes Violon”,“The Carr Family Band” and " Wake the Dead".  Suggested donation: $8 -$15. 

 You are encouraged to bring potluck finger foods to share during the intermission.

"What became of King Midas after the whole Gold fiasco? What is the oldest reed instrument in Europe, and why did Marsyas the Satyr wish he had a bagpipe instead? Should you ever trust a man who lives in a waterfall? What happens when you take Hungarian pipes to a party? And, after being kidnapped by Fairies, exactly what kind of pot of gold should one ask for? An evening of stories true and slightly true, with tunes and songs from several corners of Ireland, Norway, Hungary, Euskadi, Appalachia and Scotland. Kevin Carr has been telling stories and making music for decades, and a sweet, rousing, enchanting evening is guaranteed. Expect fiddles, banjo, and several small bagpipes. 

This will be the first ever Quimper Grange sponsored "House Concert": Unamplified acoustic, intimate...
Marla Streator

May 12th (Mon) 7:00
"Growing Tomatoes in Port Townsend: The Agony and the Ecstasy" a talk by Dick Schneider

This presentation will cover Dick’s experience growing tomatoes in our Northwest marine environment for the past 7 years. He will focus on the factors for success that home and commercial growers should concentrate on when attempting to grow this highly sought after fruit. His experimental enterprise, called RainCoast Farms, has grown over 300 varieties of tomatoes and evaluated each for yield, quality and taste. Tomatoes can be grown in a greenhouse, a hoophouse or outdoors against a south facing exterior wall. A list of the 50 or so most successful varieties will be provided to those present.

Every year he adds mew varieties and gains more experience. The many factors which determine success will be discussed in some detail. To the extent that home gardeners apply these factors in their own situation, success in achieving a satisfactory crop can be increased significantly.

A number of diseases and pests effect tomatoes. Of particular interest are blossom end rot and late blight. Both of these will be covered along with a variety of remedies appropriate for the home gardener. Both soil amendments and fertilizers can and should be used to discourage disease and encourage success.
About Dick:
Dick retired to Port Townsend about 20 years ago after a career in business and science. RainCoast Farms, a non-commercial experimental enterprise was founded 7 years ago with the specific purpose of evaluating known varieties of commercially relevant farm crops for their ability to thrive in our climate. They have collected data on tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, berry fuits, apples, plums and pears.
Information is freely shared with both home gardeners and commercial farmers, through talks about the trials and tribulations of growing tomatoes and other warmer weather crops to garden clubs, the Grange, AAUW, the Land Trust and others. Fruits and vegetables from the farm are distributed free to local food banks and other non-profit institutions. 

Suggested Donation $5-$10
Jo Yount

May 17th ( Sat) 7:30 Square Dance and Social 
On May 17th, during the heat of Rhody Fest, Seattle's own Pecking out Dough will team up with Port Townsend's own caller Dave Thielk for a rocking good old time square dance. Band members  include Tony Mates, Catherine Alexander, David Cahn and Brigid Blume. Peckin' Out Dough represents square dance playing at its finest. Fiddler Tony Mates has been involved with old time music and dance for decades, is a founding member of the Seattle Square Dance Society, and is a feared and revered dance caller in his own right! For a short preview of Peckin' Out Dough's square dance music groove, check out this video.


Dave Thielk is an active Quimper Grange member who single handedly started and continues to organize all Quimper Grange sponsored square dances. One of our Grange's goals has been " to foster a vibrant music and dance community..."  He is planning some special square dances for your dancing pleasure. All dances taught and the events are family friendly. Beginners and experienced dancers welcome. Come alone, with a partner or with a gaggle of geese. There is something for everyone. If you can walk, you can dance. And, if you want, you can just sit an listen to the music. Come over to the grange and check out our wonderful dance community. Dancers are encouraged to bring easy snacks to share and their own personal water bottle. Squares are $5.00 with 16 and under free.

QUIMPER GRANGE CALENDAR: MORE CLASSES, DANCES AND COMMUNITY EVENTS   To find out about what else is happening at Quimper Grange click on "Calendar of Events" at the top of the page and click on the event for details. Also if you would like to rent the Grange hall this is where you can check for availability.

Sun Shines on Plant and Seed Exchange
Community shows up for Wildsong Fire Relief Drive

For the past two years community has gathered at Quimper Grange for a great sharing event organized by Ashley Kehl and Jenniemae Hilliard, the Plant and Seed Exchange. People bring everything from vegetable starts to trees; from seeds to potted shrubs: herbs, flowering plants, tubers, whatever they have that might find a happy home elsewhere. But this year sharing went beyond what can be planted in the ground. Four days before the 3rd Annual Plant and Seed Exchange the organizers of this event had their home burn to the ground and lost everything, clothes, books, toys, everything.  Ashley and Jenniemae have two small children ages 9 and 2.
In response to this tragedy Quimper Grange did an all out media blitz to help get the word out that Ashley and Jenniemae would still be coming to the Plant and Seed Exchange and that people could bring clothes, shoes and household items as well as make donations to the Wildsong Fire Relief Fund. The effort succeeded in raising $446.56 and filling a van halfway full of household items, clothes and tools and many people went home with seeds, plants and trees for their gardens.

If you want to help the family donations can be made:
FIRST FEDERAL BANK you can donate to the " Wildsong Fire Relief Fund".
A RUMMAGE SALE BENEFIT will be held at the Recyclery on Sunday, May 4rd from 10-4.
Marla Streatror