June 2018 Old Time Jam, Composting Workshops, Contra Dance, In memory of Quimper Grange member Tony Mauhar, Quimper Grange Heros, Hall Improvement Progress

June 6th, 7:00 Old Time Jam 
with Paul Denison
The last Old Time Jam before our July/August summer break will be led Paul Denison who has just moved to Chimacum from Seattle. Paul is  planning to teach Candy Girl, a great tune for working on bowing technique. We'll be starting out in AEAE tuning on fiddles and then switching in to the key of G. So get out your fiddles, banjos and guitars and join us for tunes at Quimper Grange.
There is a suggested donation of $1 or $2 to help pay for hall use. Snacks to share are appreciated. Doors open at 6:45

June 9th, Two Composting Workshops

June 16th, (Sat) 7:30- 11:00  Contra Dance
with the Possum Carvers, Gwen Rousseau calling

The Possum Carvers are: Chris Cooper, guitar; Scott Marckx, fiddle; Jeanie Murphy banjo

Lesson 7:30 to 8:00
Admission $6
16 and under free                                
? Tinker at  (360) 379 2882                                      

In Memory of Tony Mauhar 1950- 2018
Quimper Grange is greatly saddened by the untimely loss of one of our members, Tony Mauhar. Among other things Tony helped us with legal wording in our rental contract and although he was unable to attend recent meetings made a generous donation this past month to help with the cost of refinishing our floor. Thank you Tony, and condolences to your family.

 A BIG "Thank You" Quimper Grange Heroes!
One week after sending out a request for financial help for major projects that are now (or soon will be) in the works, we got an an immediate response from the community. Checks started arriving in the mail to help our hall upgrades along and volunteers have offered their help. Thank you so much to these Quimper Grange heroes:

Michael Felber and Karen Hackenberg
Doug Groenig
Terrapin Architecture
Libby Palmer
Carol Sword
Dan Post
Carol Chandler
Vickie Townsend
Andy Olney
Johanna Perkins 

In addition to the Quimper Grange heroes listed above we must add Sue Thompson. Her offer to donate proceeds from teaching a harmony singing workshop fit right in with one of our goals " to create a vibrant live music and dance community", so it was a double donation. Thank you Sue!

Progress is Being Made!

In order to prepare for the big plumbing replacement project and to make the kitchen and storage room more functional Sheila Long and Farren removed many excess or unused items from cabinets and shelves that ended up in a 2 day garage sale at Farren's house generating a little more moola for Grange projects.

Sheila and Farren showing off the new kitchen appliances they picked out. Good choices gals!

A big thank you! to Len Feldman for cutting out a space for the new refrigerator.

Volunteer extraordinaire, Bill Dwyer, has prepared the small bathroom for the plumbing work that will be done in June.