July 2018 Quimper Grange News: Contra Dance; Summer Classes; Plumbing, Painting and Floor: We Did it!


July 21st 7:30 -11 Contra Dance
Annie and Channing plus two = "Golden Gems"
The Golden Gems will be playing for this month’s contra. The

Golden Gems include local fiddlers, Channing Showalter and Annie Schermer, and from Bellingham, Clea Taylor on cello and Sam Vogt on guitar/banjo. Guest callers TBA
There will be a 1/2 hour lesson at 7:30 for beginners or those a little rusty.
Admission $6, 16 and under free
For info call or email Tinker @ tinker.cavallaro@gmail.com  (360) 379-2882

Watercolor Classes with John Adams

John Adams is a watercolorist and graphic designer whose work is inspired by the environment of the Pacific Northwest. His award winning paintings have been exhibited widely in the Seattle area since 1985. John teaches weekly watercolor classes at Quimper Grange.

Summer Session Schedule:

July 11th through the end of August Classes meet every Wed from 10am to 12:30pm. The cost is $95 for 4 classes or

Drop-in to single classes anytime for $25.

To register contact John at 206-842-3099

For more information: http://www.johnadamsdesign.com

Projects and Progress at the Old Grange Hall! Thanks Donors!
June has been a crazy busy month: we’ve had all of our plumbing replaced, including bathroom and kitchen sinks; the exterior of the Grange hall has been painted; we’ve refinished the dance floor; and later this week, new tables will arrive. That took a lot of doing! Here are progress photos: 

Bill Dwyer got the small bathroom ready for the plumbers by removing the sink, exposing the pipes and installing marmoleum on the floor.

Brother's plumbing took on replacing our old rotten pipes, a task that several other plumbing companies did not want to take on.
A big thanks to Farren for coordinating the entire plumbing project and dealing with unexpected wierdnesses that cropped up.

This is how bad our pipes were.We are extremely fortunate that no major disaster occurred before we got our pipes replaced. There were two small leaks in our incoming water line, and a leak under the kitchen sink that rotted the bottom of the sink cabinet. We were lucky that that was all.   

Wheelchair friendly bathroom.
Pedestal sink with new faucet. New flooring.

New water heater

We have new sinks and faucets in both bathrooms, and marmoleum on one bathroom floor. 

We also have a yard hydrant (to water the berms), two new exterior faucets and a new sewer cleanout (we did not have one before).

This kitchen sink has already been installed and a one basin sink will soon be installed next to it. 

Roger Smith painted the exterior of the hall including the skirting and trimmed the hall entrance in green.  
For the first time since 2012 we had an outdoor potluck gathering, a precursor to moving the furniture out of the hall for refinishing.
Grange members Rob Harbour and Ben Bishoff did the lion's share of refinishing the dance floor: cleaning then abrading the floor with a buffer as well as applying the first coat of finish. Marla Streator coordinated the floor refinishing effort. Paul Dennison and Joanne Pontrello applied the last two coats. The Grange strategy is to build up the finish so we never get down to bare wood again.
Our beautiful refinished dance floor.