August Quimper Grange News:New co-sponsored dance classes, Big changes at Quimper Grange

Quimper Grange will not meet on  second Monday this month however there will be a special meeting on Ag 19 at 7:00 

Regularly scheduled 3rd Sat contra dance canceled

Aug 2, 7:00 Partner Dance to Live Music!

The First Friday IPod Shuffle dance practice group is thrilled to have Abakis return to play rootsy classic country swing for our First Friday dance on Aug 2nd! 
This dance will feature Jack Dwyer on vocals and lead guitar, David Conklin on bass, Angie Tabor on drums, and the amazing Abakis herself on lead vocals and guitar.  

Doors open at 6:45, music starts at 7:00 p.m.
As always, admission is free, with donations gratefully accepted to support future dances. 
NO SCENTED PRODUCTS!  Some of us are allergic.

Sponsored by Cheri Van Hoover, Doug Groenig, Rocky Day, and Barbara Tusting.

Co-Sponsored by the Quimper Grange

Starting Aug 7th
FREE Wednesday evening Salsa and Cha Cha Dance Classes! Class is Full

Starting on Aug 7th, and running for five consecutive weeks, Cheri VanHoover and Doug Groenig will teach beginning Salsa and Cha Cha partner dance classes. Learn the basic moves, dance to some great Latin music, as well as a surprising amount of rock and pop tunes. These are versatile dances that can be used at almost any dance venue.

No partner is necessary, but pre-registration is required to ensure optimal lead-follow ratios. Maximum 35 leads and 35 follows.

Classes Lessons run from 7:00-8:00 pm, with practice sessions 8:00-8:45.
Classes are free, with donations gratefully accepted. Please, arrive free from scented body products.

Co-sponsored by iPod Shuffle and Quimper Grange

"No Dancer Left Behind"
Did you know that partner dancing can be easy to learn and a ton of fun?

Cheri Van Hoover and Doug Groenig teach introductory partner dance classes to the community at no charge. They believe that dancing should be fun, easy to learn, and accessible to any who wish to dance. Their lessons are sequentially taught in a five-week series for each type of dance.

Partner dancing involves a lead and a follow. The lead's responsibility is to keep the follow safe. The follow's responsibility is to follow the lead! People can elect to dance either the lead or the follow position in any dance series. Pre-registration ensures a compatible lead-follow ratio wherever possible.

Cheri and Doug break down each partner's piece in an easy-to-learn format where "no dancer is left behind". They teach with humor and patience, and work with each person individually so they can achieve their personal best. Some types of dance taught by Cheri and Doug include: East Coast Swing, Zydeco, Salsa/Cha Cha, Country 2-Step, Nightclub 2-Step, and Waltz.

Partner dancing is a fun and safe way to meet new people, get great exercise, and hear some fun music. The lessons are free, but donations are gratefully accepted. Donations go completely back into the community by covering expenses and occasionally hiring live bands for the First Friday iPod Shuffle dance practice.

Big Changes at Quimper Grange

In every organization there will be changes in approach when there are changes in leadership and as new members bring their skills and interests into the mix.  The current president, Sheila Long is a long time international dancer and new member, Doug Groenig, has been teaching partner dancing for years. They will be bringing  their interests and energy into Quimper Grange offerings. Another member, Farren, started a dessert competition with local entertainment she calls "Local Spotlight" based on an event in Ketchican Alaska called "The Monthly Grind".  Michael Everitt brings marketing skills that have resulted in the use of MailChimp to inform members of upcoming events.

George Yount spearheaded saving the Grange
The present iteration of Quimper Grange started in 2009 when George Yount called together the community to "save Quimper Grange". His leadership got Quimper Grange rolling in a new direction that has evolved through the years.  The first months after reorganization was devoted to addressing major deferred maintenance issues, like painting the interior of the hall, refinishing the floor, removing walls at the entrance to the hall and installing electric heat. When the hall was ready for public use Grange members decided to offer "must be there"educational programs that focused on gardening and agricultural topics. Then, in 2015 or so, under the leadership of Marla Streator, Quimper Grange gained members with interests in traditional music and dance, at the same time members with the energy to continue presenting agricultural programs faded.  New members however, were musicians and willing to produce concerts so "House Concerts" became a primary focus of Grange sponsored events. In the same time frame the Old Time jam got rolling.

It is mind boggling tho think of how many upgrades have been made to the hall since George's presidency and they continue. Keep posted as Quimper Grange continues to evolve!

Marla Streator Quimper Grange historian