July Quimper Grange News, Contra Dance, Thanks Food Coop

July Quimper Grange News

Summer is here and things slow down at Quimper Grange. There are no music jams, no concerts, and no square dance in the July or August., however there will be contra dances.

July 20th 7:30  Contra Dance 

Locals will be playing for the dance: Dave Thielk on fiddle; Carol Hardy and Cheryl Wallace on guitars; Chris Cooper, banjo;  Roger Pick playing concertina.
Tinker Cavallaro will be calling.

1/2 hour free lesson at 7:30
Admission $6
16 and under free

1219 Corona Ave.
Port Townsend, WA    questions? call Tinker @ 360 379-2882

Port Townsend Food Coop Friend of Quimper Grange

The PT Food Coop has been a long time supporter of Quimper Grange both contributing to programs during Cooperative Month (October) and making donations of food and a Cooper Card to help pay for refreshments at fundraising events. There are a very small number of active members who organize the concerts, dances and educational events that garner donations to help improve and maintain Quimper Grange's hall and grounds, ten at the most. It has been immensely helpful to receive the support of The Port Townsend Food Coop to provide refreshments at these events. By supporting Quimper Grange The Port Townsend Food Coop is also supporting the Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden. The Grange donates use of land and pays for water to grow crops for the food bank. Last year the garden donated over 3,000 pounds of food to the food bank. But this garden could not exist if there were no Quimper Grange. Thank you PT Food Coop!
Marla Streator

Quimper Grange President 2013-2018

( This article appeared in the 2019 Summer edition of Commons the Food Co-op quarterly newsletter with a couple of typos) 

August 17th  Contra Dance 7:30 if Tinker can find a band.