September 2020

Greetings All,

Hope this sort-of summer has been treating you well.

At the Grange it has been very quiet, but we are still making things happen! Our Safety Committee is about to install hand sanitizer dispensers, writing up cleaning protocols, and researching ventilation options. We hope to be ready when people can finally get together again!

The Grange costs about $40 a day to keep running. We have no income these days, so those expenses plus the expenses for the hopefully soon addition of required ventilation are looming. We have been able to build up our savings over the last couple years, but things will be tight until we can open up again. Any donations will be gratefully accepted! We are a 501c(8) organization. We have a locking mailbox, so your checks will be safe.

In August the Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden donated just over 540 pounds to the Jefferson Food Bank! Look for the Virtual Farm Tour and see some photos of our and other gardens September 19 and 20 at The Garden needs some improvements as well: expand the roof line to shelter workers from sun and rain, and build some indoor and outdoor cabinets for more efficient food production and protection of equipment and supplies. The Food Bank volunteers are looking into grant and other funding options to help keep the Garden going, and donations for these projects are most welcome as well!

Food Bank Garden help needed: Volunteers for seeding,weeding, and harvesting, and work parties for spreading heavy mulch. This fall - erecting a third hoop house! COVID protocols are in place. Contact to volunteer.

Stay well, and hope to see you all playing, dancing, singing, and painting again!

Sheila Long
Quimper Grange President