November 2022 lecture, workshop, concert, jam, dances

November Greetings from Quimper Grange

With our Merv-13 filtration system, we feel confident having our events.
Please stay home if you are not feeling well or may have been exposed!

Fireworks in Film & TV Storytelling
November 3rd 7pm - Romance & Comedy
Let’s Make Fireworks … or Not - attraction, rejection, love
To Catch a Thief, The Simpsons, Sleepless in Seattle and more
Don’t Try This at Home - slapstick comedy - once fireworks starts, it doesn' t stop, with Jackie Chan, Jacques Tati, South Park and more

suggested donation $5 helps support the Grange.
Proof of current vaccination required

Mary Beth Haralovich is Professor Emerita, University of Arizona in Tucson where she taught film and television history in the UA’s School of Theater, Film & Television. She was a longtime member of a professional woman-operated fireworks crew in Northern Wisconsin. Mary Beth is a member of Quimper Grange, Secretary of Food Bank Growers, and happy volunteer at Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden.

November 9th 7pm Old Time Jam
Steve Nordine
will be teaching and leading tunes. $5, proof of vaccination, masks optional.

Elizabeth LaPrelle and Brian Dolphin
November 18th 1-3pm Singing Workshop $20
Elizabeth and Brian will teach some of their favorite American traditional and original lullabies that they have arranged for 2 and 3 part harmony.

November 18th 7pm Concert $20
Elizabeth LaPrelle and Brian Dolphin are a married duo who share a love of bright vocal harmonies, eerie traditional songs, and heartfelt originals. Elizabeth is a world-renowned ballad singer and scholar from rural Virginia and Brian is a songwriter, producer, and ethnomusicologist who has studied folk music all over the world.
There will be many stringed instruments and decades of experience at their backs. A concert with them is like being a guest at their kitchen table, so very welcoming that you will be invited to sing.

2nd Friday 7pm Balkan Dance Party $5
4th Friday 7pm Balfolk International Dance with live local band. $5+
for both, some instruction included, vaccination and/or test beforehand required.

November News from the Quimper Grange
Is the rain here yet? Shorter days are here for sure. Standard time returns Nov 6. Despite seasonal darkness our Grange continues to encourage growing food and growing community. Events and activities occur. Last month’s presentation of part 1 “Fireworks in Film and Storytelling” was well received by all attendees. Part 2 has been moved to Thursday, Nov 3. See you there!

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