May 2022


Greetings from Quimper Grange

Quimper Grange is pleased to report that the needed new flooring is down and it is not only beautiful, but it makes our hall appear lighter and larger! Want to come and see for yourself? Contact Doug via email to arrange a time. Donations and members are always warmly received to help keep our community-focused building up and running.

Saturday, May 28th at 7pm.

Take A Folk/Classical/Originals Journey with The Michal Palzewicz Trio

The (Me-how) (Pow-Say-Vich) Trio is based in Ashland, OR. They bring diverse musicianship by way of Warsaw, Philadelphia, and Port-land to their magical trio. Enjoy their balanced repertoire of dynamic instrumental music incorporating the Cello, Guitar, Banjo, and Percussion, sprinkled with vocal tunes Whether they’re playing an original composition, folk song, or a classical masterpiece, this Trio will take you on a unique journey that will have you humming down the streets. See Co-presented with KPTZ. Admission $20. Doors open at 6:30, proof of vaccine and masks required.

Other Events

 The Balkan Dance Party happens twice this month on May 13 and May 27 at 7 pm. Only $5. Proof of vaccination, and masks depending on case count and Jefferson County Health recommendations. Keep checking the Events Calendar for and, (hopefully) soon, music jams and other dancing.

Quimper Food Bank Garden Notes

 It may be tempting to plant everything under the sun right now, but WAIT until the nightime temperatures are into the 50s. It’s too early to put in your beans, squash, and other heat-loving veggies, but not too early for onions, lettuce and brassicas. You can plant your next rotation of carrots (cover against carrot rust fly), beets and more peas.

No Mow May is a real thing – trying to help the first bees and other pollinators get a head start before everything else bursts into bloom. However, the reality is that the grass around here grows Really Fast and Really Thick, so maybe alternate every other week as a compromise. They especially love dandelions, the bane of many gardeners. Leave part of your garden undisturbed with extra woody and leafy materials for pollinating insects, and they’ll return the favor by pollinating your fruits, veggies, & flowers.


Volunteers are always welcome at the Grange. There's a year-round supply of outdoor maintenance needed with mowing, weeding and mulching. The ramp and porch need some serious help, so the Grange is looking for decent lumber donations and carpentry skills. Goodies are provided for any work parties! Contact Barbara at if you can spare any time.

Doug Groenig
Quimper Grange President