Grange Events List

 More details will be on the main page monthly.

Regular events listed below


11/14 7pm Ruthie Dornfeld and Morten Alfred Høirup Lovely music from all over

11/16 7:30pm Contra dance Heliotrope with Amy Carroll calling

11/20 1:30pm NPREP Food Storage and Sanitation workshop  free/donation

12/21 7:30pm Contra dance

1/18  7:30pm Contra dance      The Luddite Ramblers with Susan Michaels calling

1/23 7pm  SVER from Scandinavia!

2/14 7pm Balkan Dance Party with Folkvoice from Seattle!

2/15  7:30pm Contra dance Whistlebees with LauraMe Smith calling

3/26 7pm  The Todelo Shakers Vintage music

4/12 7pm  McKasson, McDonald, & McLane  Irish and Scottish music

4/26 7pm Joe Seamons with Briar Vintage Jazz and Blues  

Regular Grange Events 

The money collected helps keep the Grange doors open!

1st Friday 7pm I-Pod Shuffle couple dancing donation
2nd Sunday 1pm Old Time Jam    time/date change! $3-$5+
2nd Friday 7pm Balkan* Dance Party *and more  $3-$5+, $5-$20+ for live music. Lessons included!
3rd Saturday 7:30 class/8:00 dance Contra Dance  live music  $6
3rd Sunday 1pm Traditional Song Circle and Jam - songs and tunes. Listeners welcome! $3-$5+
3rd Sunday 3:30pm Folk Dance Music Jam   $3-$5+
4th Friday  7pm Balfolk International Dance  live music  $5-$20+   Lessons included! No partner needed.

Special Emergency Preparedness NPREP workshops  several September/October/November Wednesdays 1:30 - 3:30pm  free, but donations gratefully accepted

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