Grange Events List

Regular events listed at bottom along with their price

KPTZ is co-presenting our concerts this season!

Our concerts are $20 at the door or you can make a reservation
by sending a check made to Quimper Grange along with the event name to 1219 Corona St

Please mask for the concerts (may change)


1/19 7pm Kalos Celtic Roots Music with Energy and Pulse

2/2 7pm Sean Gavin and Johnny B Connelly Traditional Irish music at it's best

2/16 7pm Gangspil Lovely and lively Danish music

3/23 7pm John "Greyhound" Maxwell Classic and original blues/ragtime guitar

Regular Grange Events

The money collected helps keep the Grange doors open
Vaxed or test before you come (pic of result or the tester please)
This will change as the Jeff Co recommendations change


2nd Fridays 7pm Balkan+ Dance Party
     $5+, $10-$20+ for live music. Lessons interspersed

4th Fridays 7pm Balfolk International Dancing
     $5+, local band. Lessons interspersed

These are not happening quite yet, but hope to bring them back soon!

3rd Saturdays 7:30 class/8:00 dance Contra Dance live music! $6