Grange Events List

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6/26 1pm Protect You and Your Home 
6/29  NO   Traditional Jam this month

7/3   NO   Old Time jam this month
7/28  NO   Traditional Jam this month

8/25  NO   Traditional Jam this month

9/16 7pm Kristian Bugge Danish music
9/25 7pm Pete's Posse (Pete Sutherland) Old Time Music

10/27 7pm Alan Reid and Rob van Sante Scottish music and songs

11/4-5 Howard Raines and Tricia Spencer extravaganza Texas/Kansas music
11/14 7pm Ruthie Dornfeld and Morten Alfred Høirup music from all over

1/23 7pm  SVER from Scandinavia!

Regular Grange Events

1st Wednesday Old Time Jam donation
2nd Saturday 8:00 Square dance donation $7, $5 if walk or bring own water bottle
        NOT July/August/Sept
2nd Sunday 6pm Local Spotlight Social and dessert competition donation $10, $5 with homemade dessert     March April  May  June 
3rd Saturday 7:30 class/8:00 Contra dance donation $6
last Sunday 1pm Traditional Jam - tunes and songs. listeners welcome! donation $5
         NOT June/July/August

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