Monthly Newsletters Archive

Quimper Grange no longer has a monthly newsletter,  however it is important to have a record of our history. These newsletters were created by Charlotte Goldman who served as publicity chair for four years and spans the period from March 2009 to December 2012.

Nov/Dec 2012 Jeff County DCD Director Carl Smith

September 2012 Growing and Harvesting Local and Naturalized Herbs of the Pacific Northwest

August 2012 Rethinking the Pest Free Garden: Letting the Garden Do the Work

June 2012 Biochar: The Good Side of the Biomass Question

May 2012 Raising Ducks for Fun and Deliciousness

April 2012 Growing Ripe, Tasty Tomatoes in Port Townsend . . .Not an Impossible Dream!

March 2012  Farming With Nature: Agroecology for the Olympic Peninsula

February 2012 Biogas Cook Stoves and the Earth Healing Potential of Biochar

January 2012 no newsletter

December 2011 Quimper Grange Holiday Celebration

November 2011 Beginners' ID for Local Edible Mushrooms

October 2011 Your Home Chinese Medicine Kit

September 2011 First Saturday Square Dance & Socials Begin in October

August 2011 Garden Color. . . Not Just About Flowers

July 2011 no newsletter

June 2011  How Effective Communication is Recharging
Sleepy Quilcene

May 2011 Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

April 2011 Choosing Social Media: Strengths, Weaknesses and Options

March 2011 Wool Gathering in our County

February 2011 Useful Knot-Tying for Gardeners

January 2011 Seed Varieties for Our Local Gardens

December 2010 Home Cultivation of Oyster Mushrooms for the Table
November 2010 What's Wrong with my Plant?

October 2010  Rain Gardens

September 2010 The Care and Eating of Local Mushrooms

August 2010 Quimper Grange Launches a Food Buying Club

July 2010 Food Preservation for the Beginners

June 2010 Composting Secrets for the Garden

May 2010 Sharpening Hand Tools for the Garden

April 2010 Wild in the City--Enticing Critters into Your Garden

March 2010 Growing Cane Berries on the Olympic Peninsula

February 2010 Raising Goats in Your Back Yard

January 2010 Grow Your Own Onions from Seed

December 2009 Root Crop Storage and Year Round Vegetables

November 2009 First Year Crossroads Event at Quimper Grange

October 2009 Bee-Dazzled About Backyard Bee Keeping

September 2009 Gardening with Alternative Water Systems

August 2009 Tour de Coop: Touring Chicken Coops in Port Townsend

July 2009 Plant Your Winter Veggie Garden Now!

June 2009 Planting Your Yard: The 10 Best, 10 Worst and 10 Great Compatibles  + Effective Use of hand Tools in the Garden and How to Sharpen Them

May 2009 Raising Chickens in Port Townsend

April 2009 Growing Staples in PT----Our First Program!!

March 2009 Participate in the Revitalization of the Quimper Grange March 4th